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A Systems View of Real Delegation – Vol 5

How to Stop the World Messing with Your Mission

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Fifth in the five-part series, Real Delegation, this book examines how relationships help us respond to forces that seem beyond our control and stop those forces from thwarting our delegated outcomes.
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Delegation never happens in a vacuum. Through systems, the world will always interfere and can sometimes seem to do its best to scupper our endeavours. Systems are defined here as forces we can’t control – personal, social, physical, economic, political, and more – that influence the success or failure of our endeavours. Because system forces ripple along to us through the medium of people, we can mitigate their effect through relationships. We need “big” relationships with the right people because it is relationships, and not action, that are the true origin of the results we want.

About the Author

Dave Stitt is a Professional Certified Coach and Chartered Civil Engineer who has been coaching executive teams in the construction industry for more than two decades. Before that, he rose to senior management positions in national construction and engineering firms, leading a number of successful corporate transformation programmes. He has raced in over a hundred triathlons, representing Great Britain in the 1991 Triathlon World Championship in Australia. His books include Coach for Results and Deep and Deliberate Delegation: A New Art for Unleashing Talent and Winning Back Time.

  • About the Author
  • About This Series
  • Introduction: We Can Respond
  1. How the World Will Mess with You
    1. It’s Not Fair
    2. Introducing Jason
    3. Where’s The Programme?
    4. ‘We’ve Got an Issue’
    5. Name Your Price
    6. Reflections, Ideas and Tools
  2. What Just Happened? Mapping Systems
    1. Bad Reactions
    2. A Plan is Hatched
    3. Resist Blaming Any One Thing
    4. The Seven System Lenses
    5. ‘Crocodile Tears’
    6. Reflections, Ideas and Tools
  3. Rebel Against Systems Through Relationships
    1. Proximate vs. Ultimate Causation
    2. The Web of Helpful Human Relationships
    3. Old-Fashioned People Skills
    4. Reflections, Ideas and Tools
  4. Big Relationships, Big Results
    1. The Co-Created Pattern
    2. Asking for Help as Peers
    3. Reflections, Ideas and Tools
  • Conclusion: Bringing It All Together
  • What To Do Now?
  • Acknowledgements
  • In Memoriam
  • Table of Figures

Identify how external factors can influence your objectives and develop strategies to handle them Master the process of selecting a trustworthy individual for a task and building confidence in their capability Recognize which responsibilities can be allocated to others to free up time for top-priority work Understand that strong relationships are key to reaching significant achievements

About the Author

Dave Stitt