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A New Operating System for the Mind

The Key to Happiness

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Learn how to take control of your mind, focus on what matters most and be happy now.
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We all have an operating system of the mind but for many of us it is outdated and can do more harm than good. Develop a new mindset and operating system that serves you better.

Install a more controlled system and let go of the programming you developed as a child and teenager. Take back control of your mind, focus on what you want most and live a happier life.

About the author

Angus Mac Lennan is an international business coach and trainer, No1 best selling co-author and NLP Master Practitioner with a Degree in Industrial/Organisational Psychology. With over 13 years’ experience working with business leaders and business owners across 10 countries he has dedicated years to research and development ensuring that he has developed the tools and processes his clients need.

Alongside coaching Angus is a Director of 3 profitable businesses and the Chairman of a Charity that helps raise funds for small community charities. He co-founded a premium e-commerce business in 2015 which he grew exponentially using his trademark Thrive Method. This highly profitable business was sold in 2019 to a group of international investors.

Angus specialises in showing his clients how to be happy now while ‘reverse engineering’ their ideal futures.

About the Author

Angus MacLennan