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A Guide to Developing Virtual Presence

Virtual Presence for Authentic Digital Communication

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In A Guide to Virtual Presence, you’ll learn the skills, techniques, and tools needed to develop an authentic virtual presence that will make your digital communications clear and powerful.
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Many learned how to communicate digitally by turning on their electronic devices and sending that first message. But if you’ve ever found yourself on the receiving end of a message that turned out badly, you know that digital communications are far more nuanced than in-person interactions. The answer is to develop an authentic virtual presence that simulates our human interaction while mindful of the audience on the other side of our messages. In A Guide to Virtual Presence, you’ll learn about virtual presence and the skills needed to be a better consumer and creator of digital messages.

About the Author

Susan A. Moore is the owner and principal consultant at The Virtual BA Coach, an online coaching program that helps technology organizations work better virtually. She writes about remote work and virtual communications at The Virtual BA Coach blog.Susan is a trainer and speaker, speaking to product management practitioners worldwide about communication and facilitation best practices and techniques. With a background in theater and dance and an education in film direction, she understands the subtleties of body placement and body language in a visual space.

  • About the author
  • Preface
  1. Virtual Presence
    1. What is Virtual Presence?
    2. Virtual Presence Versus Personal Brand
    3. The Physical Elements of Virtual Presence
    4. The Essential Skills of Virtual Presence
    5. Now Try This
  2. Setting the Scene
    1. Your Audio
    2. Five keys to better audio
    3. Assess Your Audio
    4. Your Video
    5. Camera Equipment
    6. Camera Usage
    7. Camera Placement
    8. Common Problems with Camera Placement
    9. Positioning Yourself in the frame
    10. Assess Your Video
    11. Your Lighting
    12. Specialized Lighting Considerations
    13. Light Sources for Video Conferencing
    14. Assess Your Lighting
    15. Your Surroundings, Live and Virtual
    16. Live Backgrounds
    17. Assess Your Physical Background
    18. Virtual Backgrounds
    19. Assess Your Virtual Background
    20. Let the Camera Be Your Coach
    21. Now Try This: A One Minute Video
  3. Virtual Presence in Practice
    1. Engagement
    2. Building Trust
    3. Expressing Empathy
    4. Showing Respect
    5. Collaborating
    6. Demonstrating Leadership
    7. Common Problems with Virtual Presence
    8. Now Try This
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  • Table of Figures
  • Endnotes
About the Author

Susan A. Moore