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A guide to Content Marketing

Preparing for content marketing

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Content Marketing (CM) can make a substantial positive difference to overall marketing effectiveness. This book shows how get it right and integrate it into contemporary marketing communications.
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  1. About the author
  2. Overview
  3. Introducing Content Marketing
    1. What is Content Marketing?
    2. Why is Content Marketing important?
    3. The past, the present and the future
    4. What is Content Marketing good for?
    5. ROI is where it’s at
    6. SEO
    7. User Experience; UX
    8. Before we begin might I ask, “Where are you now?”
    9. Define your goals 
    10. Plan your preparation
    11. Creating a strategy
    12. Definitions; Content Marketing terminology
  5. Preparation for Content Marketing
    1. Audience; Develop Buying Personas
    2. Audience; Auditing your website
    3. Audience; Content Mission Statement
    4. Audience; Architecture is important
    5. Audience & Plan; Mascots
    6. Audience; Competitors are sources of information
    7. Audience; Further Research
    8. Audience; Keyword Research
    9. Audience; Internal Communications
    10. Plan; Generate Killer Content Ideas
    11. Plan; Create an event calendar
    12. Plan; Editorial Board
    13. Audience & Plan; Identifying Influencers
    14. Audience & Plan; Licensed Content
    15. Audience & Plan; Traffic
    16. Audience & Plan; Engagement
    17. Audience & Plan; Actions
    18. Plan & Measurement; Monetisation

Content Marketing (CM); a simple concept but difficult to get right without the planning and preparation required. This practical book is a comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice required to make your CM efforts work and deliver real ROI. From Personas, through Calendars to idea generation techniques and what to measure when and how, the book works through each step giving detailed advice and a step guide in each area to achieve success. Handy tips, shortcuts and templates included to help you start on your CM journey that segue into medium and long-term planning.

About the author

Andrew Whalley is currently a Marketing Lecturer at Royal Holloway University of London, where he concentrates on topics in Strategic and Digital Marketing, as well as mentoring less experienced colleagues. He is a teaching veteran of over 25 years with international experience in universities and executive education, as well as being a guest speaker and presenter. Prior to lecturing, Andrew was an officer in the British Army, after which he gained commercial experience as a consultant, director, interim manager and executive director, as well as co-running his own consultancy business. He holds six degrees, three masters and a DBA, alongside numerous professional and executive education qualifications.

About the Author

Andrew Whalley