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A Future for Sustainable Remote Work

Progressive Reductions of Road Traffic Emissions

Language:  English
The book explores the problem of road traffic emissions and related impacts, before stressing on the importance of sustainable remote work practices and suggesting a framework for achieving such.
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The book explores the problem of air pollution and increasing road traffic emissions allocated to work commute. It stresses on the importance of post Covid-19 remote work sustainability, taking into account the impacts of road traffic emissions on the environment and public health. The significance of remote work to organizations is acknowledge before a potential framework for achieving sustainable remote work practices(SRW) is introduced and strategies for ensuring such are explored.

About the Author

Stella is an environmental management and sustainability expert with over 20+years of professional experience. Stella uses her experiences and knowledge to advise businesses and NGO’s internationally.

As a global citizen, Stella is interested to contribute towards reducing social-economic inequalities and influencing sustainable development. She considers sustainable development as such which incorporates the social-economic as well as the political and environmental dimensions. Stella strongly believes remote work is an important tool for environmental management. It also contributes towards reducing social-economic inequalities as well as empowerment, which are two important pillars for sustainable development.Climate change, corporate social responsibility, capacity building and gender equality are also within her areas of interest.

  • About the author
  • Introduction
  1. The problem of increasing road traffic emissions
    1. The transition from remote work as a privilege
  2. Sustainable remote work as an environmental and social impacts governance goal
    1. Potential benefits of SRW to organizations and communities
  3. Sustainable remote work for the securitization of organizations
    1. Strategies for identifying types of challenges on remote working employees
  • Conclusions
  • References

Recognise the potential of sustainable remote work in reaching multiple UN sustainable development goals.

About the Author

Stella Evelyne Tesha