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A Complete Handbook on Successful Job Searching

Language:  English
All you need to know, to become successful in your job search. Learn a new and simple model for writing a selling job application, CV, and personal letter.
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Then this book is the book for you. A complete job searching handbook with all you need to know. You will learn all about job searching and a new and easy model to write a selling job application, CV, and personal letter. Where to find the jobs, how to prepare for a job interview, create a personal merit portfolio, and work with developing your network. You will also find several exercises that will help you to learn more about yourself, your strengths and what you can offer to your future employer. Let us bring out the best of you, and find your dream job!

About the Author

Short resume of my experience related to this topic:

  • 10+ years’ experience of recruitment and staffing.
  • 7+ years’ experience of Job-coaching.
  • 3+ years’ experience of the Swedish Employment services program- STOM- Stöd och matchning/ support and match. Government program for unemployed to support them back to the labor market.
  • 3 years’ experience as an Internal HR- coach, in the field of recruitment and staffing.
  • 3+ years’ experience from the Education sector and some part as a Coaching educator and student coach.
  • Certified Coach.
  • Certified Instructor in Mental Training.
  1. About the author
    1. My story
  2. Why work?
    1. The objective of obtaining a job
    2. Target formulation
    3. Exercise - Target formulation
  3. Changing labor market
    1. Labor market in Sweden
  4. Your personal marketing
    1. Exercise in personal presentation
    2. Personal inventory
    3. Weakness or strength?
    4. Exercise SWOT analysis
  5. New way of writing your job application letter — CV — personal letter
    1. The model and different parts
  6. Application letter
    1. How do I respond to a job advertisement?
    2. Job application - social and pleasant receptionist
    3. Example of job application
  7. CV is your ‘hardware’
    1. CV structure
  8. The personal letter is your “software”
    1. Forms of personal letter
  9. Personal touch on your application
  10. Checklist
  11. Feedback
  12. Merit portfolio
  13. Where can I find jobs in Sweden?
    1. Map your network
    2. Find jobs on the internet (Sweden)
  14. The interview
    1. Preparation for a job interview
    2. Frequently asked questions for job interviews
    3. 10 Usual mistakes in the interview
    4. Exercise - Evaluation of job applications and conducting interviews
About the Author

Helena Walkendorff