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3D Time Management

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It is possible to create a sustainable working life and prevent burnout. We need a new, three-dimensional approach to time and stress management that includes your planning, your energy and your brain
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We have a lot of knowledge about burnout and exhaustion. So why do so many people still get burned out? And what can we do about it? Building on their personal experiences, the authors want to help you avoid the traps. It is possible to manage stress better, prevent burnout and live more sustainably.

We live in a new millennium, with new challenges. Therefore, we need a new approach to time and stress management. We need to look at time management from a three-dimensional point of view, where we take into account our planning, our energy and our brain to create a sustainable working life.

About the Authors

Allie Edwardsson began her career as a trainer in intercultural communication, Business English and presentation techniques.

She became interested early on in how stress and performance pressure affect communication. Her clients might complain about their English or presentation skills when the real problem was time management or performing under pressure. Sometimes, for example, they had not prioritized preparation time.

Despite her interest in time management and stress, she herself experienced burnout in 2013 and wants to help others understand the importance of recovery and how to avoid burnout.

Allie works as a skills coach and trainer for managers and leaders, and with Learning & Development. She has also written the e-book Intercultural Fluency for Bookboon.

Mona Edwardsson is a certified teacher (Ethics and Leadership, Psychology, Philosophy, Religion) and has worked with education at all levels from secondary school to the School of Economics. She has also worked internationally as a consultant in communication skills.

Mona has lived and worked in Sweden, England and the USA. At the end of 2011, she had a stress breakdown and has since done research on her own within stress, diet and exercise. She has trained as both a nutrition consultant and exercise instructor. Mona’s poetry collection “Poems for Grief Recovery” was published in 2015.

Mona wants to continue helping others manage stress and prevent burnout. In 2020 she attended vocational training and is now a Certified Stress and Relaxation Educator with a cognitive orientation and a focus on stress management and recovery (Sverige Hälsan AB, 2020).

  • About the Authors
  • Introduction
  1. First Dimension: Planning
    1. Identify your time zones
    2. Manage by scheduling your priorities
    3. Recover with micro-, mezzo- and macro-breaks
    4. Prevent with “time cushions”
  2. Second Dimension: Energy
    1. Identify your energy sources
    2. Manage by building capacity
    3. Recover with routines
    4. Prevent by charging your batteries in advance
  3. Third Dimension: Brain
    1. Identify what fuel you’re running on
    2. Manage by taking back control
    3. Recover with ”brain breaks”
    4. Prevent with routines and structure
  • Conclusion - Balance in Life
  • References
About the Authors

Mona Edwardsson


Allie Edwardsson