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25 Tips For Getting More Results With Your Team

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As a manager, working in teams is cut and dry for you, right? Or…? Nothing is more challenging than leading a team of people. My 25 tips will help you improve and get more results with your team.
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As a manager, working in teams is cut and dry, right? Or is it?

You know from personal experience that nothing is more challenging and varied than leading a team of people.

The life of a manager, it's the most wonderful thing there is, of course! And at the same time, it is one of the most challenging jobs there is.

To stand still is to go backwards. As a manager, you always want to move forward, to progress. To get results, contribute, let your people grow.

My 25 tips will help you improve and get more results with your team.

About the Author

My name is Hessel Frings and I am the founder and director of “De Moeiteloze Manager”, best translated as “The Effortless Manager”. It is my mission to enable managers and directors and the teams they lead to become as agile and productive as possible. In an effortless way, so to speak.

I come from a corporate background and have an MBA, in organizational change. During my education I learned to look at organizations in a broad and analytical way. I specialized in changes processes in organizations and the role of power and politics.

Soon I learned that concepts like culture, communication and cooperation are not empty words, but that organizations are really based on people working together. Organizations are more than a collection of systems, processes and organizational charts.

In the last 20 years or so, I worked as a manager for some years and in my role as coach and mentor I have seen a lot of managers suffering with similar problems. They are not as effective as they want to be and in some cases they pay a high price for that, both professionally as personally. Leading a team or organization is all but effortless.

  • Your Life as a Manager
  • Who is Hessel Frings?
  • Working in Teams
  • Five Levels of Team Development
  1. How To Increase Trust?
  2. How To Make Effective Decisions?
  3. How To Get a Committed Team?
  4. How To Get a Team With Responsible Team Members?
  5. Focus on Team Results
  • Team Assessment
  • My Offer To You
  • Contact
  • End Notes
About the Author

Hessel Frings