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14 Reasons Why You Did Not Close the Sale

…And How to Break Your Sales Records

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A sales book unlike any other. It shows you 14 alternative reasons when you did not close the sale. You will learn what went wrong and how to achieve higher sales figures by avoiding these mistakes
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A sales book unlike any other. Instead of presenting general sales techniques and reiterating objections and buying signals, this book shows you 14 alternative reasons when you did not close the sale. You will learn what went wrong and how to break your sales records by avoiding these mistakes. You will gain profitable understanding as to why you should rethink traditional sales methods, buying signals and objections. You will learn more about the magic “chemistry” with the customer, and how to employ faster and more interesting sales meetings.

About the Author

Stein Erik Egeberg (1956) is a graduate engineer and business economist with extensive experience from varied assignments in the field of coaching and consulting for a large number of companies and organizations since late 1980s.Key areas include sales, customer care, management, recruitment, communication, personality profiling, decision psychology, coaching and personal development.Egeberg has developed and operated the Norwegian School of Sales. As a writer, he has produced courses, tutorials, books and teaching materials for more than 30 years.

  • About the Author
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Reason 1: Did You Focus on Your Customer’s Emotional Decision-Making Force?
  • Reason 2: Did You Sell the Total-Product?
  • Reason 3: Did You Adapt the Communication to the Customer’s Personality Profile?
  • Reason 4: Did You Expand the Customer’s Frame of Reference Sufficiently?
  • Reason 5: Did You Focus Only on the Characteristics of Your Product?
  • Reason 6: Did You Use the Two Different Types of Questions Correctly? (No, These are Not Open and Leading Questions)
  • Reason 7: How Did You Meet the Customer’s Signal-of-Need? (No More Objections)
  • Reason 8: Did You Take the Control Back at the Customer’s Signal-Of-Interest? (Forget About Buying-Signals)
  • Reason 9: Did You Have Sufficient Structure and Stay in Control Throughout the Sales Meeting?
  • Reason 10: Did You Seek a Conditional Order?
  • Reason 11: Did You Clarify the Customer’s Decision Authority?
  • Reason 12: Did You Calculate Profitability Together with the Customer?
  • Reason 13: Did You Check for Any Existing Agreements With Other Suppliers?
  • Reason 14: Did You Fall into The Information-Trap?
  • Glossary of Sales Terms
About the Author

Stein Erik Egeberg