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14 Business English idioms

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Listen to this Expert Talk and learn more valuable idioms for you to use at work.
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This is a business expert talk about fourteen idioms that are used in an office on a daily basis to express yourself in English. The idioms have been chosen as they are the most commonly used in an office setting. Are you asking yourself, what is an idiom? Then you need to know it is a built expression in English. Listen to this expert talk and learn more valuable idioms for you to use at work.

About the Author

David Juan Hernández Mitchell certified in Teaching English as a Foreign Language in 2006. He has specialized in teaching Business English. Mr. Hernández Mitchell holds degrees in Business Management, Marketing and Public Relations. He has studied and lived in Spain, Britain, Holland, and France. He has travelled around Europe and North Africa. His ongoing career has led him to work for major firms on a global scale, taking part in international projects with an impact on the community. The main areas he has worked in are sales, marketing, education, human resources, and project management in a broad range of industries.

About the Author

David Juan Hernández