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  1. High Impact Strategic HR John Sullivan, Dave Ulrich, Jac Fiz-Ens, consulting firms like Deloitte, Mercer and ADP, all mentioned in this report and in the bibliography, have excellent materials to use for the HR department grappling
  2. Transforming People Management /dp/0875847196/
  3. The 7 Qualities Of Brilliant Executive Coaching - This will require the Ability to Influence without Authority, a sore issue in our increasingly “matrixed” corporations, where “legitimacy” of requests can no longer stem from authority level, seniority
  4. Staying Relevant in The Workplace STAYING RELEVANT IN THE WORKPLACE: DEVELOP LIFELONG LEARNING MINDSETS 30 Books from the Authors BOOKS FROM THE AUTHORS There is no friend as loyal as a book – Ernest Hemingway
  5. The way of the road warrior Our deepest and forever gratitude to Bruce and Ann Stachenfeld, Dave Ulrich, Jeff Kindler, Chuck Hill, Cavan Redmond, and Nancy Gray, who have served as sounding boards, supporters, and great friends
  6. Talent Management: A Focus on Excellence Dave Ulrich (1998) in the Introduction to the Harvard Business Review Book “Delivering Results: A New Mandate for Human Resources Professionals” 12. Ibid 13.
  7. Human Resources: A Practical Guide Human Resources: A Practical Guide 84 About the Authors About the Authors Gemma Reucroft Gemma Reucroft is an HR Director in the healthcare industry.
  8. C# 4: ADO.NET og databaseapplikationer new XElement("title", new XAttribute("year", "2011"), new XAttribute("edition", "6"), "Database Systems"), new XElement("authors", new XElement("author", "Ramez Elmasri"), new XElement("author", "Shamkant
  9. MA - Fra studie til job Dav, mit navn er Birgitte Petersen. Jeg er uddannet indenfor kommunikation og er pt. jobsøgende.
  10. Sæt prisen rigtigt . • Perera, Luiz Carlos Jacob; Lenk, Han Ulrich; Corrêa, Mariana de Souza; Yoshikawa, Anderson Nobuo; da Silva, Alex Alves Gomes & Arasaki, Rodrigo Kenji (2012): Effects of the 2007 Financial Crisis
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