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Your Time and Your Path

Becoming You - Helping You Live the Life You Desire

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You will find the inspiration and insight to make the life and career changes you desire in this series. This book gives you the tools to have more time and prepares you for the great path ahead.
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The series provides the inspiration and insight you need to make the life and career changes you desire. The great tools in this first book give you more time and prepare you for the successful road ahead. You will learn the magic questions for creating a greater outcome, and how you separate and prioritize between tasks. Presenting real life situations representing common challenges, you will see how people managed to make significant changes. Performing the specific tasks guides you on and brings added confidence and encouragement on the journey towards your goal.

About the Author

Stein Erik Egeberg, Norwegian engineer and business economist. Experienced mentor, trainer, consultant and author with successful clients for 30+ years. Educational courses, workshops, seminars and coaching. Covers key areas such as communication, teamwork, personality profiles, sales, customer service, recruitment and management. See LinkedIn. You are welcome to NumberOne.no and SeeRecruit.com.
  • The Becoming You Series
  • About the Author
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  1. Have More Free Time
    1. The story of Jane and Fred
    2. Prioritizing
    3. The Priority Matrix
    4. The Focusing Matrix
    5. MyTime© - Time Study Can Give You More Time for What You Want
    6. Tasks - Have More Free Time
    7. 1. Clarify “how good is good enough” for an actual, impending task
    8. 2. Clarify “how good is good enough” for an ongoing routine task
    9. 3. Prioritize your tasks
    10. 4. Keep the right focus
    11. 5. Have more time
    12. 6. Prepare for tomorrow
  2. Your Path, Your Life
    1. The story of Geri
    2. Action causes Reaction
    3. Your Response Will Determine the Outcome
    4. Tasks - Your Path, Your Life
    5. 1. Choices made
    6. 2. An upcoming decision
    7. 3. Unresolved issues
  • Conclusion

Develop skills to prioritize tasks and manage time effectively.

Use time studies like MyTime© to identify opportunities for gaining free time.

Take responsibility for decisions and their outcomes to improve future results.

Create action plans to resolve past issues, clearing the way for future growth.

Über den Autor/die Autorin

Stein Erik Egeberg