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Virtual Team Power

Strategies to Build Great Teams

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Virtual teams are a digital revolution. But most remote teams fail to bond effectively. This book shows you how to build a strong cohesive team which harnesses the business power of global expertise.
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Virtual teams are here to stay. Flexible work benefits organisations and employees. But remote teams often fail to bond effectively. Teams need good management to unite different individuals as one. This book is your expert guide to building a strong team. Each chapter combines business stories and research evidence to enhance your know-how and skill. Learn how great teams enjoy better work relationships and superior performance. Practical exercises and trusted tips from experienced managers of global teams show you how. Transform your ability to tap the business power of global teamwork.

About the Author

Margaret Mackay is a business academic and recognised expert in talent management and leadership development. She has published many articles in prestigious journals and won the Best Paper award in the Journal of Education and Work. Margaret is an Associate Professor at a leading university business school in Madrid.  

Margaret has worked as an HRM specialist with the US Air Force, the HSBC Bank and the British Council. She is particularly proud of the results of her work on career paths with the US Defence Agency which has transformed the retention of key staff. Her diverse business experience in the USA, the Middle East and Europe enriches her teaching and consultancy work.

An honours graduate of Durham University, the author is a Master of Science in Human Resource Management, a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. Margaret is passionate about improving the quality of people management in the workplace.

  • About the Author
  1. Tap the power of virtual teams
    1. Overview
    2. Global team advantages
    3. Trust holds a team together
    4. Establish conditions for trust and confidence
    5. Virtual global teams are the future
    6. Recap: Tap the power of virtual teams
  2. Build super teams by design
    1. Talented people
    2. What makes teams great?
    3. Team life cycle
    4. Address obstacles to virtual teamwork
    5. Balance well-being for remote workers
    6. Design and sustain a super team
    7. Recap: Build super teams by design
  3. Manage team spirit
    1. What is team spirit?
    2. The value of team building
    3. Powerful team building activities
    4. Team practice develops excellence
    5. Harness virtual connections
    6. Boost team potential
    7. Recap: Manage team spirit
  4. Resolve conflict in remote teams
    1. Virtual conflict is harder to spot
    2. Cultural differences affect teamwork
    3. Spot tensions and social loafing
    4. Bitter rivals or healthy competitors?
    5. Proactively manage conflict
    6. Recap: Resolve conflict on remote teams
  5. Lead and energise virtual teams
    1. Leaders win through the team
    2. Exercise shared leadership
    3. Team leader skills
    4. Teams that learn are agile
    5. Leaders who make a difference
    6. Virtual team power
    7. Recap: Lead and energise virtual teams
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Margaret Mackay