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The Ultimate Hybrid Leadership Manual

How to Lead and Manage Your Teams in the New Normal

Sprache:  English
This book provides an easy reference manual with practical and effective tools and techniques for you to plan, lead, implement, and adapt your hybrid working model.
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This book provides an easy reference manual for you to revisit when planning, leading, implementing, and adapting your hybrid work model. There are plenty of practical and effective tools and techniques to assist you in running effective, inclusive hybrid meetings, and creating healthy working environments, both in and outside the office.

About the Author

Jill Maidment is the Founder of Natural Talent Bristol and a highly sought-after and effective international Executive Business Coach, also delivering Career Transition and Outplacement Coaching and Resilience Coaching. Since 2003, Jill has worked in partnership and confidentially with leaders in a wide range of global brands and large public sector organisations, affecting real and lasting behavioural change by providing executives with practical tools and techniques to cope with the key issues and challenges of modern-day leadership, including managing change, remote working and stress.

  • About the author
  • Author’s Note
  • Introduction
  1. What is Hybrid Working?
    1. What does Hybrid Working Involve?
    2. The Pitfalls of Hybrid Working
    3. The Benefits of Hybrid Working
    4. How to Transition to Successful Hybrid Working
    5. Chapter Summary
  2. What do your Employees Want and Need in the Hybrid Workplace?
    1. How to Find Out What Your Employees really Want and Need from Hybrid Working
    2. How to prioritise Wellbeing in the Hybrid Workplace
    3. Why you Need to Revisit your Employee Benefits
    4. Chapter Summary
  3. How to Become a Successful Hybrid Leader
    1. What are the Key Skills and Competencies required to be a Successful Hybrid Leader?
    2. How effective is your Hybrid Leadership Style?
    3. Communicating Effectively in the Hybrid Workplace
    4. How to Align Your People and Objectives in the Hybrid Workplace
    5. Chapter Summary
  4. How can you Create a Positive Hybrid Culture?
    1. How to run Effective Hybrid Meetings
    2. How to create a positive Hybrid Work Culture
    3. Chapter Summary
  5. Conclusion
  • References
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