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The reluctant entrepreneur

How to start up a business and sustain it

The reluctant entrepreneur
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ISBN: 978-87-403-2279-8
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Über das Buch

  1. Beschreibung
  2. Inhalt


Based on personal experience - what motivates someone to start up a new business, the ‘do and don’ts’ of business development, and what creates sustainability over time.

About the author

David Murray, MBA BA (Hons) MCInstM, Chartered Marketer, Dip MRS, is the Director of the award-winning Murray Consultancy Ltd, a company he founded in 2000. Before starting up the company, he had gained over 20 years’ experience in research roles within Telewest Communications (formerly Southwestern Bell), The Liverpool Daily Post and Echo Ltd (now Trinity Mirror), and Littlewoods. His company is a full-service Market Research Consultancy covering all aspects of consumer, business-to-business and behavioural research. The organisation undertakes a wide variety of research-based projects including face-to-face interviewing, telephone interviewing, business-to-business research, online interviewing, Focus Groups, in-depth interviewing, Desk Research, and tracking studies. Over the last eighteen years the company has built up an enviable client base of private, public and voluntary sector organisations, which has resulted in repeat business, referrals and company growth.


  1. About the author
  2. Triggers for launching The Murray Consultancy
  3. ‘Do’s 
    1. Planning 
    2. Identify why a prospect should buy from you 
    3. Do ‘free’
    4. Acquaint/reacquaint yourself with as many people from your working career Start-off with the lowest cost base possible
    5. Get on approved supplier lists/framework agreements
    6. Apply for (local) public sectors tenders 
    7. Cash flow is king 
    8. Your clients are king 
    9. Self-promotion 
    10. Be yourself 
    11. Build a professional reputation 
    12. Follow the client 
    13. Market/sell when you are busy 
    14. Exploit any luck that comes your way
  4. ‘Don’ts’
    1. Don’t set yourself up to fail 
    2. Don’t borrow money 
    3. Don’t go overdrawn 
    4. Don’t agree to so-called ‘strategic alliances’
    5. Don’t employ staff until you really have to
    6. Don’t overpay yourself
    7. Don’t expect to pay yourself what you used to earn in previous employment Don’t understate your vat and tax liabilities 
    8. Don’t take rejection personally
    9. Don’t empower subcontractors
  5. My own personal mindsets and mantras
  6. If I had my time again, what would I do differently?
    1. Focus on my own business and not on others’
    2. Pricing
    3. Formulating enforceable terms and conditions
    4. Manage my time better
    5. Not to have been so timid or naive from the onset
  7. Reflection
  8. Bibliography

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