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The LeaderShift towards Functional Know-How

The Leadership Enablement Toolbox

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This book is filled with what the author calls “Leadership Enablement” tools that can be applied immediately to any scenario.
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This book was written primarily for the benefit of Frontline and Mid-level Sales Leaders. It is intended to equip Leaders with the necessary tools and tactical framework for success, not merely repackage ineffective management concepts and best practices. This book is filled with what I call “Leadership Enablement” tools that can be applied immediately to any scenario.

About the author

Ryan Johns is an elite Sales Practitioner, Sales Leader, and Change Management Consultant. He is experienced in transforming cultures by integrating behavioral science with modern technology to design scalable performance methodologies. Ryan has helped organizations achieve triple digit revenue growth by combining strong process infrastructure with qualitative behavioral metrics. He possesses over 20 years of combined sales and sales leadership experience in both the government and private sectors. He’s written a number of articles, blogs, and guest blogs around leadership and process optimization. In spite of his accomplishments and continued success, he practices a constant commitment to self discovery and professional development. Over the past year, Ryan has designed an innovative “Leadership Enablement” curriculum and offers tactical support services for sales orgs that are looking to take their teams to the next level. He also hosts a bi-weekly podcast called the SMACM Leadership Podcast that can be heard on all major platforms.

  • About the author
  1. The Leadershift Within The Sales Organization
    1. Redefining Leadership
    2. Why some Leaders Struggle to Drive Change
    3. The Biology of Change
  2. Leaders vs Managers
    1. Increase your Influence by Increasing your Awareness
    2. Gaining Trust Through Mutual Accountability
  3. Critical Leadership Skills for the Dynamic Sales Team
    1. How To Create A Clear Vision For Your Team
    2. Creating Scalable Performance Models
  4. Talent Optimization
    1. The Science Of Talent Optimization
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