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The Hybrid Team - New Competencies

Leading the Workforce of the Future

Sprache:  English
Leading a high performing hybrid team requires new capacities and competencies. A companion to “The Hybrid Team – New Capacities”, this publication explores the competencies needed today.
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The future of work is the future of leadership and that is hybrid. The leadership skills that are needed to effectively lead a hybrid team are different to those needed to lead a co-located team. There is no rule book, standard operating procedure, or manual for this new era of work. Leaders have found themselves leading a hybrid team whilst they are learning how to lead the hybrid team. They are building the aircraft whilst they are flying it!A companion publication to “The Hybrid Team – New Capacities”, this publication explores the new competencies needed by leaders to lead high performing hybrid teams.

About the Author

Karen is a self-professed organisational change management rebel with a cause. She likes to push the boundaries of the industry and challenge the status quo.Acclaimed internationally as an author and speaker, with industry acknowledgement of her reputation as a thought leader, she provides both strategic and practical advice and insights to her audiences.Her ability to share her experience and knowledge ensures that everyone is empowered to make a difference within their organisation.She is the author of 6 books on leadership, organisational change, and workforce resilience.She operates a consultancy practice from Melbourne, Australia.

  1. About the author
  2. Introduction
  3. What is a hybrid team?
    1. The true hybrid model test
  4. Leadership capability uplift
  5. Objectives and performance measurement
    1. Objectives
    2. Performance measurement
    3. Reflections
  6. Clear expectations and accountability
    1. Clear is kind
    2. Think first
    3. Focus on what, not how
    4. Co-create
    5. Validate
    6. Keep validating
    7. Support
    8. Reflections
  7. Psychological safety
    1. The definition
    2. The hybrid manifestation
    3. Time and effort
    4. Inclusivity
    5. The hybrid shift
    6. Reflections
  8. Positive reinforcement
    1. Application
    2. Positive reinforcement on the hybrid team
    3. Make it everyone’s business
    4. Principles
    5. Reflections
  9. Capability visibility
    1. Leaders need visibility
    2. Obtaining visibility
    3. Intentional visibility
    4. Reflections
  10. Employee wellbeing
    1. Holistic and contextual
    2. Remove the stigma
    3. Remove the cause
    4. Know the signs
    5. Reflections
  11. Technology-savvy
    1. Collaborative work management
    2. The right technology
    3. Stay ahead of the curve
    4. Reflections
  12. What next?
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