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Supportive Leadership

The New Role of Executives in the 21st Century

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Leadership in the 21st Century needs a paradigm change!
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Leadership in the 21st Century needs a paradigm change!
Organizations will only distinguish themselves - from others on the market - by high level of self-responsibility, (mental) fitness and a faster learning, innovating and realizing capacity. Therefore leadership reaches a new dimension once it ceases to lay down rules, to be restrictive and controlling, but instead starts to offer initiatives and support according to the respective situation, to offer scope of action and encourage environment visions. Constant learning from (project) tasks will become everybody’s goal - as well as - learning from errors.

More than two thirds of all problems in our society result from a decrepit leadership culture in economy and politics which allows indispensable profound reforms (i.e. sustainable climate protection, responsible finance, social and tax legislation) and “green” technologies for our environment and thus a qualitative (and not just quantitative) growth to only a limited extent. The whole of Europe is deeply in dept. The standards of living, food and raw materials become more and more expensive. Nature and “deceived” people strike back because leadership elites show a high degree of inertia. Those responsible lack the capability to anticipate in time the necessary processes of innovation and change, to control and implement them. A study of the University of St. Gallen/Swiss proves that chaotic future planning and project management entails billions of additional costs (1).

It is true that companies impart specialized competences, but they criminally neglect the training for key skills like competences regarding change, relations, creativity and leadership. However, it is exactly these skills which ensure a sustainable power of success of an exceedingly demanding society and a flexible employability of its people – even in critical times (2).

The competitiveness, and hence the economic future of a society which is based on knowledge, decisively depend on the fact how resolutely the chances of key technologies are made use of and whether they can be converted into an economic use (3).

Development costs for complex product solutions increase in an unimaginable way. Therefore, established companies prefer to spend high amounts of money for the further development of “old”, ecologically harmful products (so-called “cash cows”) instead of investing in “new” environmentally friendly products for which markets would still have to be opened up (4).

It is very obvious that human beings are rather resistant when it comes to learning and changing. They only change when pressure becomes intolerably high and/or they no longer have another choice.

Executives in particular use their position for not having to continue to learn anything new. Thus, however, less and less new knowledge, which a company urgently needs, is “produced” (5). Therefore, the role of tomorrow’s leaders will have to consist in establishing a systematic knowledge and innovation management in their companies and organisations, wherein executives and specialists will become qualified for developing a sense for intelligent and creative (team) work according to the respective situation – just as this is the case in (competitive) sports. Integrated thinking, acting in a way compatible with the environment, permanent learning – also from errors – will then become a part of all our lives.

In view of the signs of demographic and climatic changes, I sincerely hope that my esteemed readers will be stimulated by this book to take everybody along and to support them in a way which enables them to join the tempi of the necessary radical changes.

Munich, November 2011

Günther H. Schust

  1. New Demands on Management
  2. Leadership is a Service Process
  3. Th e Leadership Competence Model
  4. Only the “genuine” Personality has a Future
  5. Th e 360 Degree Competence Feedback
  6. Th e process of Utilizing Potential
  7. Integrating, Cultivating and Rewarding Employees
    1. The new Employee arrives
    2. ACulture of Trust instead of Mistrust (culture = shared values and rules)
    3. Executives as Performance Accelerators
    4. Modern Performance Incentives and Work Processes
    5. Guaranteeing Transfer of Knowledge and Future Competence
  8. Leadership Achievement is Team Performance
  9. Conclusion
  10. Summary
  11. Literary References
  12. About the Author
This basically guides the leaders on how to meet the demands of not just the employees but with time as well. Supportive leadership is very important to keep the people on track, and this one is a great read.

Prof. Günther H. Schust

Günther H. Schust, Munich/Germany, is Guest-Lecturer in Leadership, Human Resources, and Innovation Management at the Universities of Applied Sciences in St. Gallen/Swiss www.unisg.ch and Zurich-Winterthur/Swiss.

He is Co-Partner of IHH International Head Hunters Management- und Personalberatungsges. mbH, Munich www.i-h-h.com

and advises leading progressive companies of various sizes in their search, selection and further development of business, executives and experts – worldwide.

Moreover, he is a member of the scientific advisory council of SCOPAR Scientific Consulting Partners, Munich-Würzburg www.scopar.de.

Together with his colleagues he is realising the “Leadership Certificate for Executives”, by which sustainable innovation, problem-solving and personal competences and values are to be imparted, e.g. state-of-the-art knowledge, courage, engagement, fairness, respect, solidarity, team spirit. He offers practical solutions that enable businesses to improve employee communication, to retain their top talent, to reinforce their competitive advantage.

Günther received a Professorship in Leadership and Personnel Management, holds an Executive MBA from the University of St. Gallen / Swiss and Diplomas in Economics and Engineering. In former days he was a leader within the boy-scouts to protect nature and Human Values. As well as he was an active Football Trainer and Ski-Coach. 

Günther prides himself on sharing his knowledge and experience with others. So do not hesitate to contact him if you have any questions, comments or need assistance.

See all ebooks written by Günther H. Schust on Bookboon – These eBooks are recommended of the University of St. Gallen / Swiss as the best Leadership Books which was published over the last years. Please give star-reference.

Comment in Linkedin: „An excellent book. What strikes me is hat the 21st Century leader has the same Challenges as the his/her predecessors had in the centuries past – what has changed is the pace of change, the varieties of (digital / networking) ways that leaders can communicate, in a multi-cultural world. Leadership is both a skill and a natural talent which becomes better with permanent learning, doing and being.“

Prof. Günther H. Schust

Diplom-Kaufmann, Diplom-Wirtschaftsingenieur. Executive MBA und HSG Alumnus Hochschule St. Gallen / Schweiz www.unisg.ch. Er ist Gastdozent für Leadership, Personalmanagement und Innovation an den Universitäten St. Gallen / Schweiz und Zürich-Winterthur. Mitglied der SGO Zürich / Schweiz www.sgo.ch. Mitglied des wissenschaftlichen Beirats der SCOPAR GmbH München-Würzburg www.scopar.de.

Seniorpartner der IHH International Head Hunters Management- und Personalberatungsges. mbH, Kirchheim b. München www.i-h-h.com. Mit seinen Kollegen realisiert er u.a. die Suche, Auswahl, Begleitung und Persönlichkeitsentwicklung von Führungskräften. Ebenso den „Führungsschein für (angehende) Führungskräfte“, bei dem zukunftsfähige Innovations-, Problemlösungs- und Persönlichkeitskompetenzen vermittelt werden, wie z.B. state-of-the-art Wissen, Communication, Engagement, Fairness, Respekt, Solidarität und Teamgeist.

Günther H. Schust ist Gast-Professor für Führung und Transformationsmanagement und Executive MBA der Universität St. Gallen / Schweiz. In seinen früheren Jahren war er Manager für Finance- and Human Performance Management. Als Pfadfinderführer, Jugendfußballtrainer und Skilehrer lernte er die Umwelt und menschlich-sozialen Werte zu schützen, zu schätzen und zu teilen.

Günther H. Schust ist besonders stolz darauf, dass er angehenden Führungskräften als Coach und Förderer zur Verfügung steht und sein Wissen und seine Erfahrung mit Ihnen teilt. Bitte zögern Sie daher nicht, mit Ihm Kontakt aufzunehmen, wenn Sie Fragen, Bemerkungen haben oder Unterstützung benötigen.

Auf Bookboon sehen Sie alle Bücher von Günther H. Schust. Sie sind von der Universität St. Gallen / Schweiz als herausragend zur Anwendung empfohlen. Beurteilung des Profs der Universität: “Ich halte ihren Text für das Beste, was ich in letzten Jahren über Führung zu lesen bekommen habe.”