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Soft Skills Book 2

Sprache:  English
This book provides guidelines to develop soft skills for shaping up the overall personality, and will be of use to all – students, teachers, people in managerial and non-managerial positions etc.
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Today’s business is all about people. It is about communication, relationships and about presenting yourself, your organisation and your ideas in the most positive and impactful way. Soft skills – leadership, team building, communication, decision making, time management, interview skills and many more - allow us to effectively use our technical skills and knowledge. They improve the way we interact with our bosses, co-workers, classmates, teachers, students and customers/clients. This book will be useful to all those who intend to succeed in their chosen profession.

About the Author

Manmohan’s interactive style and unique ability to engage with young as well as not so young has made him a very effective training facilitator. He has conducted a horde of training programmes in India and the Middle East. His deep insight into the culture of his home country – India – and that of the Middle East has made it possible for him to effectively engage audiences. He has also made presentations on various topics at International Conferences under the auspices of UNESCO, and ensured that his practical viewpoints are shared with a wide variety of audience.

Currently a Freelance Training Facilitator, Manmohan has authored several eBooks on Management and Education.

Having worked as Head of several educational and training organisations in India, Kuwait and Oman, he has specialised in training programmes for people in a wide variety of professions. He has also made a Webinar presentation on Personality Development organised by a US-based organisation.

An alumnus of Cambridge International College (UK), Manmohan also holds a Ph.D. in Management, and Masters in Business Management, Education and English.

Manmohan is currently India-based and conducts training programmes for college students, professors and management executives.

Among his other programmes the following are in much demand:

  • Soft Skills

  • Business Communication

  • Leadership & Teambuilding

  • Pedagogy of Teaching at college/school level

  • EMI (English as Medium of Instruction) Skills for college professors

  • Guidance and counselling in educational institutions

  • About the author
  • Preface
  1. Soft skills
    1. Introduction
    2. What are soft skills?
    3. Need for soft skills
    4. Summary
    5. Self-assessment exercise
  2. Interpersonal relationships
    1. Introduction
    2. Types of interpersonal relationships
    3. Uses of interpersonal relationship skills
    4. Factors affecting interpersonal relationships
    5. How to accommodate different styles
    6. Consequences of interpersonal relationships
    7. Summary
    8. Self-assessment exercise
  3. Time management
    1. Introduction
    2. How do you manage time?
    3. Summary
    4. Self-assessment exercise
  4. Thinking skills
    1. Introduction
    2. Core thinking skills
    3. Categories of thinking
    4. Summary
    5. Self-assessment exercise
  5. Employment communication
    1. Introduction
    2. Writing CV (curriculum vitae)
    3. Interview
    4. Summary
    5. Self-assessment exercise
  6. Problem solving
    1. Introduction
    2. Need for problem solving
    3. Skills for problem solving
    4. Process of problem solving
    5. Stages of problem solving
    6. Methods of problem solving
    7. Summary
    8. Self-assessment exercise
  7. Group communication
    1. Introduction
    2. Meetings
    3. Minutes of the meeting
    4. Impact of technology
    5. Media management
    6. Summary
    7. Self-assessment exercise
  8. Managing stress
    1. Introduction
    2. What is stress?
    3. Recognizing stress
    4. Acknowledging stress
    5. Common signs of stress
    6. Tackling the problem
    7. Summary
    8. Self-assessment exercise
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  • Table of figures
Über den Autor/die Autorin

Manmohan Joshi