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Sapropelic Coals

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One hears less about sapropelic coals than humic coals, making a book on the former appropriate. In this book the occurrence and usage of sapropelic coals is discussed on a regional basis.
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Sapropelic coals are described in terms of such characteristics as proximate analysis, hardness, lustre, petrographic analysis and total organic content (TOC). Sapropelic coals from North America, Europe, Russia, Africa, Asia and Oceania feature in the book. Sapropelic coals have for several centuries been used to make such things as ornaments and statues, and this is discussed in the book with several illustrations. In the coverage of North America the pre-eminence of Kentucky as a source of sapropelic coals is emphasised.

About the author

Clifford Jones has spent a working lifetime in teaching, research and writing on fuels and combustion. He has held academic posts in the UK and Australia and has held visiting posts in a number of countries including Kazakhstan. He has written 30 books and numerous papers and articles. He has major broadcasting experience.

  1. Sapropelic coals in the Americas
    1. Introduction to the properties of sapropelic coals
    2. Cannel coals in the USA and Canada
    3. Canada
    4. Mexico, Central America and South America
    5. Further remarks
    6. References
  2. Europe and the Middle East
    1. The British Isles
    2. Other European countries
    3. Countries of the Middle East
    4. Further remarks
    5. References
  3. Russia and the Ukraine
    1. Russia (strictly, the Russian Federation)
    2. The Ukraine
    3. Further information
    4. References
  4. Africa
    1. South Africa
    2. Other African countries
    3. References
  5. Selected Asian countries
    1. Introduction
    2. China
    3. South East Asian countries
    4. Further comments
    5. References
  6. Oceania
    1. Australia
    2. New Zealand
    3. References


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