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Resilience: Thriving through Challenges and Hope

6 Steps to Boost Mental Strength via Positivity

Sprache:  English
'Resilience' explores building mental strength using positive psychology, focusing on adapting and thriving amidst life's challenges. It offers practical steps for enhancing resilience and well-being.
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'Resilience' delves into enhancing mental fortitude through positive psychology. It acknowledges the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) nature of modern life, emphasizing the need for adaptability, well-being, and success. The book defines resilience, its relation to trauma and anti-fragility, and the importance of self-care and learning from experiences. It outlines a six-step process to build resilience, including preparation, emotional management, learning from setbacks, decision-making, implementation, and sustaining progress. Practical advice on developing stamina, managing emotions, and fostering willpower is provided, alongside the significance of mentors and celebrating achievements.

About the Author

Jérôme Hoarau, a renowned author and global speaker, is the 2018 World Champion of Mind Mapping. An expert in behavioral skills, he has co-authored books such as 'Good Manager, User's Guide', 'Soft Skills', 'Double Your Reading Speed', and 'The Soft Skills Reflex'. He inspires to turn challenges into successes.

  • About Jerome Hoarau
  1. Introduction
    1. We live in a VUCA world
  2. What is resilience?
    1. Resilience and trauma
    2. Resilience is a soft skill
    3. Resilience and anti-fragility
    4. Taking care of yourself
    5. Persevere, grow and be happy
    6. I never lose. I either win or learn
    7. The importance of taking action
  3. Step #1: Get ready
    1. Develop your stamina
    2. Activating positive epigenetics
    3. Anticipate, anticipate, anticipate
  4. Step #2: Digesting
    1. Embrace it, even when it is difficult
    2. Managing your emotions
    3. Taking a step back
  5. Step #3: Learn
    1. 'I never lose. I either win or learn.'
    2. Doing a self-diagnosis
    3. Asking for and receiving feedback
  6. Step #4: Decide
    1. From learning to action
    2. Who? What is it? When?
    3. Making appointments with yourself
  7. Step #5: Implement
    1. Knowing how to be accountable
    2. Strengthening your willpower
    3. Integrating pleasure into what you do
  8. Step #6: Sustainability
    1. Carrying out regular reviews
    2. Celebrating the process to strengthen your commitment
    3. Surrounding yourself with mentors
    4. Preparing yourself to be more resilient
  9. Conclusion
    • Endnotes
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Jérôme Hoarau