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Reinvigorating Disengaged Staff

11m 30s
Sprache:  English
In this track, we’ll cover on how to determine who’s losing motivation, identify problems with engagement, diagnose engagement issues, and communicate effectively with disengaged employees
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Welcome to Audio Learning from Assemble You.According to a survey conducted across 142 countries by Gallup, just 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work. Symptoms of disengagement may include apathy, poor communication, absenteeism, missed deadlines, and cynicism. So, how does this translate into day-to-day experiences in the workplace? What does withdrawal mean for businesses more broadly, and what can you do to revitalise employee engagement?In this track, we’ll cover

  • How to determine who’s losing motivation
  • Identifying problems with engagement
  • Diagnosing engagement issues, and
  • Communicating effectively with disengaged employees
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