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Recruitment and Selection in the Digital Age

Make the Impossible Possible

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Receive automatically ranked applications. See applicant’s individual personality profile as an integrated part of the initial application. Improves quality. Saves significant efforts, time and money.
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  1. The two inevitable pitfalls in recruitment
    1. Pitfall one
    2. Pitfall two
  2. From newspaper ads and airmail, to online ads, CV-bases, and email
  3. We need to improve and utilize the use of computer technology in recruitment, too
  4. Smart preparation instead of ineffectual qualifications
  5. Publication of open positions as well as future positions
  6. Personality and its crucial importance
  7. The initial assessment should include both CV and personality
  8. Automatic ranking of applicants according to the most important qualifications for the position
    1. Automatic ranking according to qualifications
    2. Personality profile as selection criteria
  9. Easy to apply - Easy to review the applicants
    1. Search for candidates across positions
    2. Manual registration of applicants
  10. Every applicant should receive a proper reply - Efficiently and professionally
  11. Complete, intuitive overview of all positions, applicants, and candidates
    1. Level 1: Position listing - Overview of all positions
    2. Level 2: Applicants listing - Overview of all applicants for each position
    3. Level 3: Candidate page - Detailed information about each applicant
  12. Prepare for swift and effective internal communication
  13. Summary - Checklist
    1. Key elements for the position listing
    2. Key elements for the applicants listing
    3. Key elements for the applicant page
  • Afterword - Example of actual working tool

Imagine if you could...

  • …receive automatically ranked applications according to your specified, most important qualifications for each position
  • …see each applicant’s individual personality profile as an integrated part of the initial application
  • …execute the very first selection of applicants based on both personality profile and CV
  • …skip the first interview and go straight to the second

This is exactly what you can achieve with this book. For the first time you can avoid the two until now inevitably traps in recruitment. You will learn step by step, detail by detail how you can develop an online recruitment and selection tool that will save you time and money. While at the same time increase the precision of the very first selection.

This book will definitively provide you with new and valuable insight.

About the author

Stein Erik Egeberg (1956) is a graduate engineer and business economist. He has been running HR businesses since late 1980s. Stein has extensive experience from varied assignments in the field of coaching and consulting. Key areas include sales, customer care, management, recruitment, communication, personality profiling, coaching and personal development. His books are enlightening and inspiring.

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Stein Erik Egeberg