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Procrastinate less & get more done

How to reduce the tendency to delay priorities

Procrastinate less & get more done
4,8 (13 Bewertungen) Bewertung lesen
ISBN: 978-87-403-1126-6
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Andrea ★★★★★

I loved reading this book. It is the best book about procrastination I know: funny and to the point! Full of practical and feasible Best Practices.


Procrastination is as natural as the urge to eat or sleep. But just because it’s natural doesn’t make it desirable. It consumes energy, frequently damages your reputation, and reduces other people’s productivity as well as your own. Although it may be impossible to stop procrastinating completely, you can drastically reduce the tendency to procrastinate by applying a variety of simple strategies. This book clarifies what procrastination involves, explains how to identify it, and how to apply the strategies that will drastically reduce its occurrence. Procrastinate less and you will increase your efficiency, feel better about yourself, and get the important things done.

If you are a chronic procrastinator, i.e., you intentionally and habitually postpone tasks that should be done now, you will gain the most from reading this brief book and immediately applying some of its suggestions. But the book provides advice in helping staff members or others reduce their tendency to procrastinate as well.


  1. What is procrastination and why do we put things off?
    1. Procrastination defined
    2. Doing what comes naturally
    3. The one-last-thing syndrome
    4. Fear of failure or success
    5. The path of least resistance
  2. Assessing your own tendency to procrastinate
    1. Welcome to the club
    2. Consequences of procrastination
    3. Are you a chronic procrastinator?
  3. Immediate actions that will reduce procrastination
    1. Developing the “do it now” habit
    2. If it’s distasteful, get rid of it
    3. Overcoming the overwhelming
    4. Deadlines make a difference
  4. Time management strategies to keep you on track
    1. Don’t let procrastination be a barrier to goal-setting
    2. Use the chunk method
    3. The “To Do” list fallacy
    4. Make commitments, not lists
  5. The role of organization and time management in preventing procrastination
    1. We all have weaknesses to varying degrees
    2. The pleasure principle
    3. Compensating for weak “task initiation” skills
    4. Get organized
    5. Manage your time
    6. Fight procrastination with routines
    7. Motivation can conquer procrastination
  6. Eliminating barriers to the “do it now” habit
    1. Perfectionism is procrastination’s ally
    2. Don’t be afraid of fear
    3. Develop a positive attitude
    4. Plan to say no
    5. Delaying decisions wastes time and impedes success
  7. Helping others beat the procrastination habit
    1. You can help others as well as yourself
    2. Twenty-five ways to overcome procrastination
  8. Conclusion
  9. About the author
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