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Power of Purpose Driven Teams and Organizations

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Due to hybrid working methods, the importance of purpose-driven teams and organizations is greater than ever for the connection between employees, within teams and the organization as a whole.
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For many organizations virtual working, or to a greater or lesser extent in a hybrid form, has now become commonplace and the new normal. The importance of purpose-driven teams and organizations is, therefore, greater than ever today. By (partly) working remotely, there is more pressure to create and maintain the connection between employees, within teams, and the organization. What are the advantages of having a powerful purpose that beats, as a person, team and organization, and how do you discover your purpose? That's what this book is all about.

About the Author

Evelien van Es is an international speaker, author and sparring partner. After a corporate career in Change Management and Management Development, she started her own coaching business, developed a methodology and became a mentor of coaches herself. She inspired and guided thousands of entrepreneurs and senior managers in discovering their authentic inner power of being and their purpose. She also helped teams in optimizing their team dynamics and collaboration. In 2021 she published Be Relentlessly Yourself (Wees Onverbiddelijk Jezelf).

  • About the author
  • Introduction
  1. Purpose under scrutiny
    1. What is purpose?
    2. Purpose in the organizational context
    3. Practical examples
    4. To what extent is Purpose subject to change?
    5. Benefits of purpose-driven working
    6. Lack of a clear organizational purpose
  2. Different levels of Purpose in organizations
    1. Purpose at the individual level
    2. Purpose at the organizational and team level
    3. Alignment between three levels of Purpose
  3. Discovering your Purpose
    1. A journey of discovery
    2. How to get to your Purpose?
    3. How do you know your purpose beats?
    4. Discovering organizational and team Purpose
  4. Purpose; the catalyst for hybrid working methods
    1. Impact of Purpose in hybrid working methods
    2. What does this require from leadership?
  5. Transitions to Purpose driven working
    1. Preconditions for getting started with purpose
    2. Anchoring purpose-driven working
  • Conclusion
  • Table of figures
  • References
Über den Autor/die Autorin

Evelien van Es