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Planning Investigations for Statistical Analysis

Sprache:  English
How should we plan, estimate sample sizes and analyze investigations with different data types with comparison and regression, survival data, scales, randomness structure and multiple questions.
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How can experiments or observational studies be planned and analyzed to give reliable statements? This book presents the basic ideas for different types of data, physical measurements, failure and success, regression data, life-length and relapse times, scale judgments and so on. What sample sizes should be used and how should we handle different sources of random variation? How do we handle non-inferiority or several questions in the same investigation? You need not be a mathematics specialist to read the book, but a basic knowledge at the high-school level is required.

About the Author

I have worked with education as a Senior Lecturer in Mathematical Statistics at Chalmers University of Technology and with research, education and supervision as a Professor in Statistics at the School of Economics, Gothenburg University and Professor in Biostatistics at Department of Mathematical Sciences, Chalmers and Gothenburg University. For six years I have also been working for the Swedish Research Council with the judgment and advises of experimental plans and statistical analysis in medical research projects. My work includes a wide range of theory and application.

  1. Introduction
  2. Different types of randomness in different situations
  3. Basics for observations with normal distribution
  4. Several series with normal observations
  5. Statistical methods for count and category data
  6. Linear regression
  7. Factorial experiments
  8. Generalized linear models
  9. Survival analysis
  10. Randomness at several levels
  11. Multiple questions
  12. Related information
  13. Non-inferiority investigations
  • Index
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