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Planning and Managing your Work Based Project

A Guide For Students

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Language:  English
Written for college and university students, this simple guide to project tools and techniques is an ideal introduction to the ‘Work Based Project’.
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Written for college and university students, this simple guide to project tools and techniques is an ideal introduction to the ‘Work Based Project’. Dr Pickerden invites the reader to use their own project idea as an example as they work through the various steps to a successful project. Following these steps, and working through the accompanying examples and exercises, should help the student project manager to avoid many of the usual pitfalls, and emerge with a successful project and a decent mark for the course assignment.

  1. Introduction
    1. The essential elements of a project
    2. Learning from experience
  2. Pre-Planning: What to do before you start your planning
    1. Define and describe your project
    2. Analyse the current situation and determine the objectives
    3. Features and benefits of your project
  3. Who should do what? Roles and responsibilities within the project team
    1. What does the project manager do?
    2. Selecting and inducting the team
    3. Handling conflict
  4. Stakeholder identification and analysis – What do people want from this project?
  5. Project organisation and general planning
    1. The Business Case
    2. The Project Initiation Document (PID)
    3. Communications Strategy
  6. Starting to Plan: Goals, Objectives and Tasks
    1. Work breakdown structure
    2. Gantt Charts
  7. Risk Management: What can go wrong with your project?
  8. Monitoring Progress
    1. Problem Solving tools for Project Management
    2. Managing changes to the project specification
  9. At the end of the project
    1. Post-project evaluation
    2. Writing the Project Report
  10. Test your understanding
  11. Useful Links
    1. The difference between a project and a programme
  12. About Dr Anita Pickerden

Anita Pickerden

Training initially as a lawyer, and specialising in employment and discrimination law, Anita managed the Legal Unit for Birmingham Citizens Advice Bureau and later ran the Birmingham office of the Women’s Legal Defence Fund.

She then spent over 20 years in further and higher education, delivering professional and management development programmes for both public and private sector organisations. Anita designed and ran leadership development programmes and project management courses for managers in the public, private and voluntary sectors. At the same time, she developed a professional interest in coaching as a way of improving management skills, attended the Centre for Coaching based in London, gaining Certificates and Diplomas in basic coaching techniques as well as qualifications in Psychological Coaching, Coaching for Performance and Organisational Stress Management.

Anita achieved an MSc in Training from the Centre for Labour Market Studies at Leicester University in 1999. She was awarded her PhD in 2013, after researching the Work Life Balance issues for older workers in the Fire & Rescue Service as they prepared for retirement.

Anita now runs a successful training and coaching business, specialising in coaching for work life balance, and assisting businesses to improve their employee engagement www.anitapickerden.co.uk

You can contact Anita by email anita@pickerden.co.uk or ring 0771 788 2077.