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ISBN: 978-87-403-0699-6
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Über das Buch

  1. Bewertungen
  2. Beschreibung
  3. Inhalt


Peter Basey ★★★★★

the key to success

Miranda Basey ★★★★★

I just love this book. Very good Simone

John S. Bishop ★★★★★

The idea of including real characters in this ebook caught my attention and I was impressed with the ways the author revealed the tips.

Helle Due ★★★★★

Most usefull, easy to apply


Sound networking abilities are essential in a knowledge-based society. In consequence, people with broad and effective networks are usually both successful and in demand.

Futurologists tell us that in time to come, the route to success will be ever more dependent on wide and relevant networks – you will have problems if you just sit back and hope that everything will work out.

Read this book, which is filled with good advice and tools that will rapidly give you a professional-networking mind.


Simone Lemming Andersen


  1. It should be so easy
  2. How do you create a good network?
    1. How many people do you need in your network?
    2. Definition and how to build relations
    3. Network is about giving – then taking
    4. Networking is learned from experience
    5. Your personal network
    6. Building a network
    7. Short-term strategy – your strategy here and now
    8. Long-term strategy (nodes)
    9. Use your old contacts
  3. Links to influence
  4. Look for what you want
  5. Netweaving
  6. “Luck” links to networks
  7. What do we work with?
    1. Check the four parameters
  8. Create a good atmosphere
    1. How do you create a good atmosphere?
    2. Create good atmosphere – but how?
    3. Thyra Frank, lecturer and former head of the Lotte care home in Copenhagen
    4. Jason Watt, lecturer and racing driver
    5. Oprah Winfrey, talk show host
    6. Ole Henriksen, wellness guru
    7. Southwest Airlines – also known as “The Love Airline”
    8. The role models
  9. Body language and status
    1. Open and closed body language
  10. Status
    1. It’s all about adaptability
    2. Eye contact, smiles, and praise confer status
    3. We empower those who can handle power
    4. Clothes
    5. Being well-dressed confers status
    6. Business cards also confer status
  11. Small talk
    1. The anatomy of small talk
    2. Small talk – the beginning of a good relationship
    3. Classic topics
    4. Use open questions
    5. Be in the know
    6. Beware of parallel talk
    7. People good at small talk are good listeners too
    8. The worst mistakes a “small-talker” can make
    9. The difficulty of making contact
    10. How to deal with the problem
  12. Culture
    1. What is practice and what can we learn?
    2. Group formation
    3. From minus to plus
    4. Set goals for your staff
    5. Make introductions
    6. Remember to circulate
    7. Someone who knows the art
    8. Create a good atmosphere!
    9. Where is the curiosity?
    10. Find role models
  13. Ten good pieces of advice
  14. The road to success
  15. Exercises
  16. Epilogue
  17. Endnotes
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