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Leading with Empathy

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My wish for this book is to show ways to lead people to brilliant results. The approach and methods will lead to employees feeling valued, respected, and heard, capable of achieving their best.
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The top ten most empathic companies outperform the bottom ten by at least 50%. Google's Project Aristotle found empathy made teams more collaborative and accomplished. Here’s what to do: Build connections and stronger relationships - Assess the emotions of others - Address issues that affect performance - Encourage collaboration - Strengthen teamwork, morale, and engagement.

Emotional intelligence isn’t soft, nor is it easy, but it is powerful. Being positive and maintaining a proactive attitude are essential for high performance.

This book shows how to do it.

About the Author

Gordon MacArdle is a Senior Management Professional, Leadership Consultant, and Executive Coach with a diverse range of expertise in leadership and management.

As a Management Consultant, Gordon helps organisations develop and implement leadership and business growth strategies. He is skilled in presenting complex information in a clear and concise manner, which makes it easy for his clients to understand and apply to their work.

Gordon lives in Ireland with his wife and two children.

  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  1. Empathy and Leadership
    1. Recognising the Pressures and Expectations on Leaders
    2. Understanding and Identifying your Leadership Style
    3. Chapter Reflections
  2. Empathic Leadership
    1. The Features of Empathic Leadership
    2. The Power of Emotional Intelligence
    3. Using Emotional Intelligence & Methods of Approach
    4. Chapter Reflections
  3. The Characteristics of an Empathic and Compassionate Leader
    1. Four Basic Characteristics of Leadership
    2. The Characteristics of Leadership Using Empathy and Compassion
    3. Chapter Reflections
  4. Compassion and Caring
    1. Relating to Other Experiences
    2. Compassion and Caring
    3. Chapter Reflections
  5. Positive Intelligence
    1. The Power of Positive Emotions
    2. What Happens with Negative Emotions
    3. Shifting to Positive Emotions
    4. Chapter Reflections
  6. Building Effective Teams
    1. A Model for Building Teams
    2. The Lencioni Model
    3. Chapter Reflection
  7. Self-Assessment Model and Action Steps
    1. Practical Steps Towards Empathic & Compassionate Leadership
    2. Chapter Reflection
    3. Exercises
  • References
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Gordon MacArdle