Java 16: Mobile phones and Android

Software Development

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209 pages
The book is about developing of applications for Android, and especially for mobile phone applications.
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Über den Autor

Poul Klausen er uddannet cand. scient. i matematik fra Aarhus Universitet med speciale i algebraisk topologi. Efter universitetet og et efterfølgende pædagogikum har Poul Klausen primært arbejdet som underviser og det især inden for it uddannelser og gennem de sidste mange år som underviser på datamat...


The book is about developing of applications for Android, and especially for mobile phone applications. Important topics are the most common widgets, layouts and basically about activities, but also the use of files and databases are processed. The book give an introduction to use of multiple threads and services. After reading this book, you is able to write simple applications to an Android phone.

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  1. Introduction 
  2. Widgets 
    1. A Zipcode app 
  3. Layout 
    1. RelativeLayout 
    2. LinearLayout 
    3. TableLayout 
    4. GridLayout 
    5. A ConstraintLayout 
    6. Containers 
  4. User interaction 
    1. A context menu 
    2. A main menu 
    3. Define a menu in XML 
    4. About activities 
    5. Multiple activities 
  5. Files 
    1. Reading resources 
    2. Ordinary files 
    3. Internal storage 
  6. SQLite 
    1. Creates a Database 
    2. SQL SELECT 
    4. The other activities 
  7. Threads 
  8. Services 
    1. The class Intent 
    2. ServiceApp1 
    3. ServiceApp2
    4. ServiceApp3 
    5. ServiceApp4 
    6. ServiceApp5 
    7. Ring the phone 
    8. A local service – ServiceApp 
    9. Services and SQLite 
  9. A final example 
    1. Project start and MainActivity 
    2. The data access layer 
    3. Notes 
    4. Anniversaries 
    5. Appointments 
    6. The other tools 
    7. A project review