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How to Maintain Relationships

Upholding Respect, Trust and Setting Expectations

15m 3s
Sprache:  English
Do relationships really matter if I just want the job done? This Expert Talk answers this question on why it matters and the value of respect, trust and setting expectations for yourself and others.
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So you can be a provider of the basic relationship, here is the task and here is the money or you can be a provider of an enriched relationship that is good for business and helps humanity grow as well. We examine respect and trust from the viewpoint of perspective not just trying to find common ground to make it work. In this Expert Talk we discuss respect and does it mean something different to each of us. Trust and how we form and build it as well as expectations and how we set realistic expectations for others and ourselves in order to benefit our business.

About the Author

Vickie Lea is a Fellow of the Institute of Consulting and has the formal accreditation with over 2000 hours of face-to-face training in business to achieve a two Masters in both business and consultancy. Additionally she has over 1000+ hours proven practice in the private sector. She is known as the Democrat, leading through establishing a collective sense direction to create a popular consensus.

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Vickie Lea Payne