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How to Be a Great Manager

The Four Habits of Great Managers

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How do I be a great manager? What are the things that great managers do differently from others? How do I be in control without being controlling? This book answers these questions and many more.
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How can I empower my team to do more while creating more time for me to do my job? How do I feel in control without being controlling? What are my responsibilities as a manager? This book will examine these answers to these questions and many more. It will help readers identify the two fundamental responsibilities of all managers · Compare and contrast good and bad management behaviours · Identify, explore and practice the four behaviours of what I call the essential manager CODE. It's the DNA of every good manager.

About the Author

Anthony Taylor is the founder of ThreeFifty9, a consultancy dedicated to middle managers' professional and personal development. He is a multiple-author, keynote speaker, podcaster and executive coach of 16 years. Anthony has extensive experience building and leading teams in multiple sectors in the UK and internationally.He is the author of Tips From The Top – The Secrets of How to Navigate Middle Management and Mental Toughness Metaphors – Stories to build resilience for parents, coaches, trainers and thinkers. It’s like Aesop’s Fables for the 21st Century.

  • About the author
  • Introduction
  1. What is management?
    1. It’s not this
    2. The Five Functions of a Manager
    3. What nobody tells you about management
    4. Deliver Exected Results
    5. Engage & Retain Your People
    6. Chapter Summary
  2. How to be a great manager
    1. Skills v Qualities
    2. All power is not created equal
    3. The C.O.D.E.
    4. Chapter Summary
  3. Connection
    1. Why Connection?
    2. How to do weekly 1-2-1s well
    3. Someone Good Does This
    4. Chapter Summary
  4. Observation
    1. Why Observation?
    2. Chapter Summary
  5. Deputise
    1. Why Deputise?
    2. How to delegate – the A.W.A.I.R. model
    3. Chapter Summary
  6. Empower
    1. Why Empower?
    2. What stops you from coaching?
    3. When to coach
    4. How to coach
    5. Chapter Summary
  7. Conclusion
  • References
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Anthony Taylor