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Goal Keeping

Overcome Obstacles, Master Motivation and Get Goals

Goal Keeping
4,8 (24 Bewertungen) Bewertung lesen
ISBN: 978-87-403-1554-7
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Über das Buch

  1. Bewertungen
  2. Beschreibung
  3. Inhalt


Sophie ★★★★★

I recently read this book and was encouraged by it! It is such a nice read, I can practically hear the author's voice.


You don't like setting or having goals. It's never worked for you. Why put yourself under all that pressure? Goals are for highly driven people. 

Or, perhaps you have tried to reach your goals but it's always been an uphill battle. You are resigned to thinking it's just a dream and can never come true... Or can it?

What if there was a secret method? Did you know that successful goal achievers use specific techniques? Learn how with this straight forward guide and simple, step-by-step tools.

Uncover what holds you back, create genuine motivation and stay on track so that finally, you can reach your goal.

About the author

Nazish has helped countless people to turn their lives around from all levels, backgrounds and nationalities. She has worked with a multitude of businesses over the last three decades and specialized in training and development since 1996. With Business Psychology training, a multicultural background and an alternative approach, her books offer realistic methods and unique coaching tools along with down-to-earth advice.

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  1. To Keep or Not to Keep 
    1. Purpose 
    2. Before You Begin 
    3. The Toolbox 
  2. Why Have Goals? 
    1. Do I Need A Goal? 
    2. My Goals 
    3. What do I want? 
  3. Goal Keeping Skills 
    1. In The Zone 
    2. Stretching Comfortably 
    3. Great Expectations 
    4. Day Dreaming 
  4. Distinct Design 
    1. Analyse Your Notes 
    2. Choose the Right One 
    3. Write it Right 
    4. Kick-Off 
  5. Dealing With Dragons 
    1. About Dragons 
    2. External Dragons 
    3. Internal Dragons 
    4. Taming Dragons 
    5. Other Dragons 
  6. Motivating Momentum 
    1. Rhythm and Routine 
    2. Climbing the Mountain 
    3. Conquering the Mountain 
    4. Lazy Bones 
    5. Practice Makes Progress 
    6. Award and Appreciate 
  7. A Good Goal Keeper 
    1. Open Mind 
    2. Easy Focus 
    3. Taking Stock 
    4. It’s a Goal! 
    5. Inner Confidence 
  8. Last Words 

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