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Getting Your Act Together

All you Need to Know

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With so much change around us, people struggle to be happy and fulfilled. This succinct guide shows how to do and to be what you want. Full of practical help to make your own changes and get on track.
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Times are getting more complex and uncertain. The world is changing fast all around us. People of all ages are struggling to make sense of how to organise their lives, to be happy and fulfilled. This is a timely and succinct guide shows how to make sense of it all and how to make the things you really want, start to happen. Full of practical advice and step by step activities, it helps you make your own changes to how you think and behave. It keeps you on track to do and to be what you want, seeking help along the way. You can read it all or dip in – it works just the same.

About the Author

The author is Malcolm Anderson, an adviser, futurist and keynote speaker on people and organisational change. With over thirty years of international consulting experience, he now specialises in strategy, future-proofing, organisational people and performance. He mentors leaders and managers in outcome-focused thinking and architecting high performance. The results of his help are to be found in transformed organisations and engaged people, positioned to tackle the future with smart thinking, confidence and energy.

  • About the author
  • The Introduction
  • Part 1
  1. The Mountain
    1. What exactly are stress and anxiety?
    2. First Aid for the Most Stressful Events in Life
  2. Pushing the Rock Up Hill
    1. The increasing challenges of our work
  3. Life’s a Journey
    1. The significant moments that cause us stress
  4. Attitude and Belief
    1. How can my mindset or my faith help?
  • Part 2
  1. Conquering Confusion
    1. Getting your head around it
    2. Getting To Know Yourself Questions
    3. Exercise To Help You Focus
  2. The Procrastination Problem
    1. I know I should just do it, so why can’t I?
    2. Rules for Breaking Out
  3. Ageing Without Borders
    1. What to do with the rest of my life
    2. Four Stages of Retirement
  • Part 3
  1. Pathway to The Bright Side
    1. Making the plan
    2. Now Let’s Get Started: The Key Steps
  2. Crossing the Rubicon
    1. Committing to Your Future
    2. How to Achieve Flow
  3. Sustaining It
    1. No Turning Back!
    2. Psychological Safety
    3. Self-Help Behavioural Therapy
    4. Simple CBT Process
  • Endnotes
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