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Getting Back to the Office

18m 10s
Sprache:  English
Julie Hogbin talks about some of the considerations that Leaders, Managers and Staff need to consider prior to reengaging with their colleagues at the office.
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Julie Hogbin talks about the results of recent polls completed on how individuals feel about returning to the office & the recognition that one size will not fit all. None of us have dealt with this situation previously, there is no precedent to follow or refer to.

How has it affected: Business & Individuals economics, office requirements, individuals emotional state & potential grief, individuals’ motivations, change in all sorts of manners related to the poll questions, situation & results.What is your strategy & how are you communicating it? #ConsciousLeadership for Business and Life.

About the Author

Julie Hogbin has worked with tens of thousands of Leaders within Busines & Life for over 3 decades across the private, public & entrepreneurial sectors. Julie is passionate about true Leadership & Management that is conducted with sound principles and integrity. The Leadership messages are the same across the sectors – great Leadership shines and can be developed. #ConsciousLeadership

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