Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management

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112 pages
Fundamentals of supply chain management is based on the author’s many years of teaching and research experience.
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Über den Autor

Fundamentals of supply chain management is based on the author’s many years of teaching and research experience. It addresses the most fundamental concepts and best practices of contemporary supply chain management. It provides a structured description of all the most important components in the topic area, and supports it by many real-world leading edge company cases. The book is particularly suitable for those who want to make a firm grasp of the subject without spending a luxury of time. It is also a great companion for undergraduate and master degree students.

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  1. Introduction
    1. Why Supply Chain Management
    2. Defining supply chains
    3. Customer Orientation
    4. Defining Supply Chain Management
    5. Development Trends
  2. Global Supply Chain Operations
    1. Global Business Environment
    2. Strategic Challenges
    3. How Global Supply Chains Responded
    4. Current Trends in Global SCM
  3. Supply Chain Design and Planning
    1. Supply Chain Configuration
    2. Extent of Vertical Integration
    3. Outsourcing and Offshoring
    4. Location Decisions
    5. Capacity Planning
    6. Bullwhip Effect
  4. Lean Supply Management
    1. Origins of the Lean Manufacturing
    2. Lean Supply Principles
    3. Focusing on Cost-to-Serve
    4. Drivers for Lean Supply Chain
    5. Lean Process Mapping Tools
  5. Agile Supply Management
    1. The Need for Agility
    2. Agile Supply Chain Concept
    3. Agile Supply Chain Framework
    4. Competing on Responsiveness
    5. Getting It Right from Within
  6. Purchasing and Supplier Selection
    1. Strategic Role of Purchasing
    2. Purchasing Portfolio
    3. Supplier Selection
    4. Tools for Supplier Selection
    5. Towards Knowledge Based Sourcing
  7. Relationship and Integration
    1. Supply Relationship Defined
    2. Close Partnership
    3. Strategic Alliance
    4. Relationship Dilemma
    5. Supply Chain Integration
  8. The Future Challenges
    1. Creating Customer Centric Supply Chain
    2. Managing Supply Networks
    3. Watch the Dynamics
  9. References
This is a great book. After reading that book I want to study the advance supply chain management techniques.
3. Oktober 2014 um 05:53
Excellent book for the students of SCM as fundamental concepts are exposed explicitly.
23. Januar 2014 um 06:05