Ella de Jong
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Ella de Jong is an experienced teacher who knows what works in learning and putting your skills at work.

Ella presents workshops and delivers training courses all with a great amount of enthusiasm and surprising assignments in it. The workshops are interactive, creative and original: the best way to internalize the change attendees wanting to make.

Ella is founder of Bureau Uil, a private Solution Focused Counseling practice where she helps children and their parents. She has helped on various problems. In all cases clients only needed a few sessions (average 1,5 session).

Ella is Dutch. She loves to travel and present in English. Dutch or English there always will be a lot of enthusiasm and inspiration.

Ella feels a lot of involvement with you who want her help, who attend a workshop or who are in training. She is always working hard to make sure you are able to discover the ‘smile inside’. Guide yourself through ‘the smile inside’ from “stuck-ness” to progress.

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