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An Effective Company Culture

The Key to Success

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Companies are often faced with how to improve their company culture. This book, “An Effective Company Culture: Key to Success” provides leaders the confidence to build an effective company culture.
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Companies are routinely faced with the questions of how to define and improve their culture. While seemingly simple enough, the question has proved to be complex and difficult to address because every employee tends to have a different version of what “company culture” means to them. But regardless of how culture is defined, if it isn’t working for employees, the team and company will struggle to maximize performance. This book, “An Effective Company Culture: Key to Success”, shares proven techniques to transform toxic cultures and give leaders the confidence to build an effective company culture.

  • About the Author
  1. Introduction
  2. Defining Company Culture
    1. What Do People Really Want?
  3. Keys to Success
    1. Welcome to the Thunderdome
    2. Not Only What You Say but How You Say It
    3. Building Street Credibility
    4. Responding to Anonymous Experts
    5. Say Hello to the Competition
  4. Conclusion
  • References
Great book, very insightful!
A smart and focused read that offers not only inspiration, but more importantly, the practical methods to grow leadership skills which create lasting positive change in any company culture.
This is a great read, I really enjoyed the style that Kirk utilizes with his writing. He makes key points with thoughtful examples and interjects humor that makes reading the book enjoyable. This is a topic that is timely and it's a book I highly recommend to every leader interested in maximizing performance from their organization.
Great read and advice on how to establish the right company culture within your organization. Mr. Miller certainly has the credentials on this subject matter and does a great job of sharing his knowledge. Highly recommend to any executive looking to improve his company's culture and overall success.
Great insight and very well written. I totally related to my life experiences in Corporate America!
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