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Advanced Strategic Pricing

Dispelling the Illusion of Value-Based Pricing

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Excellent material for pricing consultants, but also CMOs, Marketing Directors, and Board of Directors members who need to understand and apply optimal pricing strategy in their organisations.
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Genuine pricing experts and enthusiasts will devour the knowledge in this book. It drills down into the science of pricing strategy and includes explanation of how and when pricing tactics must change. Not only excellent material for pricing consultants, but also c-suite executives, heads of pricing strategy departments, CMOs, Marketing Directors, and Board of Directors members who want or need to understand and apply optimal pricing strategy in their organisations. This book provides advanced guidelines for experts and veterans of pricing, raising the bar on existing pricing thought leadership.

About the author

After investing 13 years learning the craft of marketing at UNSW, Leigh Made a mark in FMCG marketing, including being featured on current affairs TV, metro newspapers & business publications.In his 20’s he reached Senior Account Director in major advertising, direct marketing and FMCG sales promotions agencies, moving to marketing management where he succeeded in categories as diverse FMCG, I.T. & Government.In his 30’s, Leigh was lured to the UK where he turned around an ailing FMCG company, increasing its market share 6-fold in under 18 months. While in UK, he found time to complete a Graduate Diploma in Strategic Planning at London’s City University.Returning to Australia, Leigh broke new records in FMCG product launch, before being lured to consult with Australia largest management consultancy. Here he become known as “the 9 out of 10 difficulty guy” securing numerous testimonials from the multi-national corporations he helped. He created marketing plans that improved the paths of billion-dollar businesses in big pharma, transport, hardware, banking, professional services, energy, automotive and industrial chemicals.After a career of private company directorships, Leigh also sat on the boards of listed public companies, and advised many others. Leigh also found time to teach (part-time) both graduates (MBA) and undergraduates (Marketing Planning & Strategy) between 2003 until 2009 at the University of Technology in Sydney.These days Leigh is a popular keynote speaker in marketing management, strategic leadership and Corporate & Marketing Governance. He also conducts strategy training workshops for senior executives of large companies in, pricing, product development, employee engagement and branding. He continues to consult with Launch Engineering Pty Ltd, a firm conducting market research and strategic planning for larger businesses.

  • About the Author
  • Foreword: The Pricing Journey
  • Introduction: Pricing and Corporate Governance
  • Part One: Strategic Pricing Knowledge for Business Planners
  1. Definitions, Perspectives & Basic Concepts
    1. Fundamental & Practical Perspectives and the Reality of Pricing
    2. Strategic Pricing as a Function of Marketing
    3. Pricing, and its Connection to “Marketing”?
    4. Holistic Immersion Marketing Management Precedes Optimal Pricing
    5. The Guiding Light for Setting the “Right” Strategic Pricing Decisions
  2. The Key to Setting Up for Strategic Pricing Success
    1. Factors to Consider when Setting Prices
    2. Throwing off the Yoke of Cost-Based Pricing
    3. Pricing Strategy & Processes
    4. Practical Pricing - Strategies or Tactics?
  3. Pricing Strategy Guidelines & Models
    1. Value-Based Pricing – A Panacea for all Woes or the Emperor’s New Clothes?
    2. The myth of value-based pricing
    3. A Guide for Pricing Through Industry & Product Lifecycle
    4. Value-Based Strategic Pricing Choices
    5. Situation-Based Strategic Pricing Choices
    6. Market-Based Pricing
    7. Is Resistance to Market-Based Pricing Resistance to Change?
    8. Business Development Cycle & Change
  4. Strategic Pricing Differences Between B2B & B2C Marketing
    1. Consumer Behaviour vs. Business Buyer Behaviour
    2. Consumer Product Types vs. Business Product Type Classifications
    3. Making Branding Work with Pricing
    4. Setting Top Level Pricing Strategy
  • Part Two: Operational Pricing Knowledge for Pricing Experts
  1. Practical Pricing Tactics
    1. The Psychology of Pricing
    2. Psychological Pricing – A Toolbox of Tactics & Tricks, Knowledge & Methods
    3. Pricing Tactics
    4. Discounting
    5. Review: The Practical Pricing Optimisation Checklist
  2. People Make Pricing Happen
    1. The People Factor
    2. The Axis on Which Pricing Turns Is People
    3. Is Pricing Too Important for Marketing People to Manage?
    4. A Further Word About Corporate Governance
  • Endnotes
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