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5S: Is that for you?

Utilization, Benefits, Dangers, Abuses, other Frameworks

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29m 17s
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Is 5S mandatory “lean methodology?” Or is it too much theatre and an insufficient contributor to ultimate profit and growth? Manning & Schooler separate the theory from good practices.
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Manning & Schooler take an aggressive forensic dive into the wildly popular "5S" Lean Methodology. Its genesis, to application in businesses from nascent to mature, small to very large. Also, to personal lives. Is 5S mandatory to effect lean management? Is 5S more lean management-theatre than good business? And the important caveats: 5S can be entirely counterproductive, even possibly destructive to employees’ performance and creativity, thus, to the profitability and forward progress of the business. A critically important talk in today's world of business.

Thanks a lot for this talk. Very inspiring.
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Steven J. Manning