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101 Ways to Engage your Talent

Reach the Peak of the Mountain of Happiness at Work

Sprache:  English
Real-world examples and practices to engage talents in your organisation leading towards higher productivity, business success and delighted customers.
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A structured and solid talent engagement initiative certainly helps in engaging and retaining talent. 101 Ways to Engage your Talent was written with a global approach and these initiatives may not be applicable in every environment, cultural context and country. Readers are recommended to select the appropriate initiatives to fit their organisational needs and culture. This book primarily focuses on 3 pillars of engagement namely communication, motivation, recreation and bonding. The contents of the book are centred around these pillars as the core principles of engagement efforts.

About the author

Prakash is a resourceful talent partner in reshaping organization in the areas of performance management, talent engagement, executive coaching, workforce planning, leadership development, succession planning, recruitment, organization learning technology and HR digitalization. Armed with global background and proven international track record across various countries in Asia Pacific, Middle East and North Africa, he plays a significant role in helping organizations gear towards international excellence. Prakash has led and managed internationally diversified teams as well as established HR and Talent Management teams at regional and global levels. He worked with all levels of employees both at strategic and operational levels and implemented capability development for multicultural teams with vast experience in creating and establishing organization HR strategy, company core values and aligning it with both business and HR goals. He serves as an Affiliate Member of Institute of Corporate Directors Malaysia (ICDM), a member of American Talent Development Society (ATD), Malaysian Association of Certified Coaches (MACC) and Member of International Society of Performance Improvement (ISPI). He was the past President of International Association of Coaching (IAC), Malaysia Chapter and Past Executive Committee of Association of Coaching and Supervisory Management (ACSM).

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Uthaya Prakash Santhanam