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What successful people really do: Part 1

Managing yourself for success

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Language:  English
What objective researchers have discovered about people who succeed. In Part I: Choices to liberate you to achieve more, a special kind of optimism and how to manage anger, anxiety and depression.
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The simple, practical ideas in this book could transform your life.

It’s about the science of success. Forget the myths, like always being positive and reciting affirmations to keep you on track. Read what objective researchers have observed about people who succeed.

You’ll discover choices you can make to liberate you to achieve much more at work, at home and in sport.

You’ll discover a way to train the front of your brain to keep you focused.

There’s a chapter with practical ways to develop a special kind of optimism that keeps top performers motivated.

There’s another on managing emotions that disrupt our lives: anxiety, depression and anger.

What successful people really do is for you, your team and your family. Look out for Parts II and III.

  1. Liberating choices
    1. Become the captain of your ship
  2. One moment please!
    1. Get to know your prefrontal cortex
    2. Ready for some training?
    3. The harm of impulsiveness
  3. Optimism and staying on track
    1. How long and well do you want to live?
    2. Getting specific about optimism
    3. Check your explanatory style
    4. Staying motivated
    5. Motivating children
    6. Staying on track to our goals
  4. Manage your disruptive emotions
    1. Try some therapy
    2. What to do
    3. Manage depression
    4. Manage anger
    5. Manage anxiety
    6. Stay cool under pressure
    7. The everyday magic of positive emotions
    8. Protect your immune system
    9. The sexes and disruptive emotions
    10. Reducing stress at work
    11. Coaching children handling emotions
About the Author

Ralph McKechnie Brown