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Using Scrum Values to Optimize Your Scrum Team

9m 41s
Language:  English
According to a survey, 85% of respondents said Scrum values improved their team’s culture. In this talk, you will learn about Scrum values and how they can transform your team’s mindset and behavior.
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Do you know that according to a survey by VersionOne, 85% of the respondents said that Scrum values improved their team’s culture? The Scrum values are powerful principles that can transform your team’s mindset and behavior. In this Bookboon expert talk, Scrum expert, Luke Pivac will walk you through what the Scrum values are and how to apply them in your daily Scrum practices. After listening to this expert talk you will learn how these values enable Scrum teams to collaborate effectively, deliver high-quality products, and continuously improve. Luke will explore how each of the Scrum values can be applied to Scrum events and cover some examples of how they can be practiced in your Scrum team.

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Luke Pivac