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The Way of the Road Warrior

Maintaining Performance and Wellness when on the Road

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This book helps business travelers balance and integrate simple practices of fitness, fueling, centering, and safety to improve personal and professional performance and wellness - on & off the road.
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The Way of the Road Warrior is a guide for frequent flyers, chronic commuters, and busy people to balance and integrate simple practices of fitness, fueling, centering, and safety to improve and maintain personal and professional performance and wellness - on the road and off. This book succinctly presents mindfulness in a science-based, non-religious framework that can be applied in everyday life. The Way of the Road Warrior provides practical, simple practices for people with little discretionary time who feel the stress of balancing the demands of professional and personal life. It is designed to be read in the time of a flight, practiced in the space of a seat, and tweaked in the course of a life.

About the authors

Our unique capabilities in performance and wellness come from our professional and personal experiences and expertise. We have been road warriors in our time and together have earned over five million lifetime frequent-flyer miles globally. Each possesses a diverse set of experiences – non-profit executive/global corporate executive, small business owner/senior human resources leader, Certified Personal Trainer/scuba instructor. We share passions and accomplishments, including becoming RYT 200 yoga teachers and being martial arts instructors for over a decade. As working parents and caregivers, we have learned, sometimes repeatedly, the importance of taking care of mind, body, and spirit when life requires travel and coach class is as good as it gets.


Nonprofit development executive, small-business owner, published author, community leader, equestrian. NASM-Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Senior Fitness Specialist, RYT 200 yoga instructor, fourth-degree black belt martial arts instructor, ACHS Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant, BA, MA, proud mother of two sons.


Thirty years of human resources executive experience working with C-suite leaders in Fortune 50 companies, as well as nonprofit and community organizations. Certified in Hogan® and MBTI® personality assessments. NAUI® scuba instructor, RYT 200 yoga instructor, fourthdegree black belt martial arts instructor, BA, MA, MBA, proud father of two sons.

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