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The Power of Knowing Your Purpose

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15m 25s
Language:  English
The key to being more productive, creative, and powerful is knowing why you are doing it.
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Even if you are doing the exact same job, knowing what is important to you and what has meaning to you will create powerful context in your work, while also guiding you in the directions you should advance your career. In this piece, Michael will share with you two powerful exercises to discover what is meaningful to you and to help you integrate it into your daily work. You will be able to experience more satisfaction and create better outcomes.

About the Author

Michael Whitehouse is an author, motivational speaker, personal business coach, and event organizer. He is the author of The Guy Who Knows A Guy, a fun and approachable book about networking. He motivates on his daily podcast, and he coaches people to figure out next steps and unravel sticky problems.

About the Author

Michael Whitehouse