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The Experts Teach: Recruitment and Selection

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In "The Experts Teach: Recruitment and Selection", we bring together 25 articles from the top experts on recruitment.
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In "The Experts Teach: Recruitment and Selection", we bring together 25 articles from the top experts on recruitment. They will show you why so many organisations lose the battle for the best talent and why others succeed in attracting people who will add value to their enterprise.

The expert authors include Nelson Scott, who is an expert on how to make the right hiring decisions; Bob Selden, author of the best-selling book, “What To Do When You Become The Boss”; and Jeff Mowatt, who trains professional business executives.

If you are a manager, these articles will inspire you in your search for talent. If you are a trainer, they are perfect for sharing with anyone who has responsibility for the hiring process. If you are a learner, they are quite simply professional game-changers.

In each of “The Experts Teach” series, we’ve gathered together some of the world’s best thinkers to share their ideas with you. Their ideas offer new, refreshing, and insightful ways to look at old themes, allowing you to discover new perspectives, develop your understanding, and change the way you think.

  1. How to Hire Customer Service Stars by Jeff Mowatt
  2. Employee Recruitment – Top Ten Ways to Get the Best Result by Martin Haworth
  3. Retaining Top People by Jim Clemmer
  4. Don’t Hire Squirrels to Be Your Top Dogs by Linda Henman
  5. Why Thinking Like a Team is So Critical by Gregg Gregory
  6. How to Select the Right Person for the Job by Bob Selden
  7. 13 Reasons Managers are “Unlucky” When Making Hiring Decisions by Nelson Scott
  8. How Do Your Job Candidates See You? by Eric Garner
  9. Hannibal Lecter is Coming to the Company Picnic: Employee Selection by Gregory P Smith
  10. The Costs of Bad Hiring Decisions & How to Avoid Them by Carol A. Hacker
  11. Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes by David Diamond
  12. Recruiting 101 for CEOs by Thomas Cox
  13. The Click-Down Technique by Erica Rowntree
  14. Out With the Old and In With the New by Gregg Gregory
  15. What Is Succession Planning and Who Needs It? by Linda Henman
  16. Hiring Teams Take 5 Steps Together by Nelson Scott
  17. Do First Impressions Count? by Bob Selden
  18. Employment Ads Should Generate Excitement About Your Organization by Nelson Scott
  19. Interview Questions by John Simmonds
  20. Three Common Recruiting Mistakes to Avoid by Michael Beck
  21. Becoming the Employer of Choice: How to Boost Staff Loyalty – Without Buying it by Jeff Mowatt
  22. How to Compete in the War for Talent by Carol A. Hacker
  23. Hiring “A” Players by Thomas Cox
  24. Approaches to Selection by Colin Crouch
  25. Now That Someone Has Been Hired, the Real Recruiting Begins by Nelson Scott
The presentation is very good. I will recommend it to my co-teachers.
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