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The 25-Hour Day

Discover an additional hour in your day

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This e-book has been written to enable you to find an additional hour in your day.
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This e-book has been written to enable you to find an additional hour in your day. By providing you with the skills and techniques to manage your time more efficiently and effectively, you can easily discover an additional hour in your day for spending with your family, or just sleeping in that bit later!

Throughout this manual, you will find practical tips and instructions to help you understand time management. You will discover how to utilise the technology available to you, how to make the most of your own productive cycles, and how to make your life more efficient by understanding how you spend your time, and you will understand what tasks you actually need to spend your time completing.

  1. Know Yourself
    1. Introduction
    2. Getting to Know You
    3. Be Respectful but Honest
    4. Thinking Further
    5. Chapter 1: Know Yourself
  2. Follow Your Productivity Cycle
    1. Introduction
    2. Know Your Energy Cycle
    3. Mr Example’s Energy Cycle
    4. Your Productive Cycle
    5. Chapter 2: Follow Your Productivity Cycle
  3. Technology & Time Management
    1. Introduction
    2. The Internet
    3. Determine Your Priorities
    4. The Urgent/Important Matrix
    5. Urgent but Unimportant
    6. Urgent and Important
    7. Important but Not Urgent
    8. Neither Urgent nor Important
    9. Further Notes on Your Priorities
    10. Begin with a To-Do List
    11. Chapter 3: Technology and Time Wasters
  4. Time Saving Tips with Outlook
    1. Introduction
    2. The Outlook Site Map
    3. Time & Activities
    4. People
    5. Other Folders
    6. A Closer Look at the Task Function
    7. Create a New Task
    8. Change the Task Folder View
    9. Customise the View of Daily Tasks
    10. Customise the Inbox
    11. Convert an Email to a Task
    12. Use Task Request for Delegation
    13. Making the Most of the Calendar
    14. Block Out the Calendar
    15. Schedule a Meeting
    16. Sharing Calendars
    17. Colour Code the Calendar
    18. Chapter 4: Time Saving Tips with Outlook
  5. Organise Outlook
    1. Introduction
    2. Set Up Folders & Subfolders
    3. Create a Rule
    4. Colour Code Emails
    5. Set Up a New Contact (from an email)
    6. Follow Up on a Contact Note
    7. Change the Default Opening Window
    8. Convert Email to an Appointment
    9. Disable Default Reminders
    10. Plan to be Organised
    11. A Simple Aid to Outlook
    12. Chapter 5: Organise with Outlook
  6. Increase Productivity with Focus
    1. Introduction
    2. Identifying Goals
    3. Short Term Goals
    4. Medium Term Goals
    5. Long Term Goals
    6. Create a Time Management Plan
    7. Exercise 3: Do You Kno-w Your Goals?
    8. Thinking More on Your Goals
    9. Establish Your Priorities
    10. The ABC System of Prioritisation
    11. The Prioritisation Matrix
    12. The Pareto Principle
    13. Increase Productivity with Focus
  7. How Do You Really Spend Your Time?
    1. Introduction
    2. The Time Audit
    3. Mr Example’s Time-Audit
    4. Conduct Your Time-Audit
    5. Tricks to Increase Your Time
    6. Deal with Interruptions
    7. Handling Phone Calls
    8. Saying No
    9. Review Your Desk Set Up
    10. Good Communication Equals Efficiency
    11. Improve Your Personal Skills
    12. Streamline Email Communications
    13. How Do You Really Spend Your Time
  8. 25 Hour Day Conclusion
    1. Discovered Your Extra Hour?
    2. Where can I find further help?
    3. E-book Evaluation
Learned a lot of new things from this ebook. I admire the author as on how the presentation has been done. There's assessments and solutions.
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About the Author

Jenna Meyerson, Management Consultancy International

MCI provides organisations with three main streams of core programs that link learning objectives to business success:

1. MCI works with large and small organisations to implement internationally recognised standards for investing in their people.

2. MCI provides traineeships that lead to capability improvements at all levels.

3. MCI runs a suite of trainer development programs including the new Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment (TAA04).

MCI is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and partners with your team to provide government-funded training opportunities that lead to national certificates for staff. MCI provides programs in customer service, sales, and frontline management that lead to higher levels of effectiveness and enable internal career progression.

MCI adopts a unique “building block” approach to training that allows learners to work towards attaining leading Australian certifications, or simply attend a range of short courses.

Our experienced team is committed to assisting your learning and development division to become a profit centre that adds value to the business.

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