Seamless Leadership and the Law of Movement

Interview with Adriaan Groenewald

af Biana Kovic
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25mins 40s
Seamless leadership is about uniting everyone around the impossible goal. According to Adriaan Groenewald, Leadership Activist, understanding people’s deepest motives helps a leader guide them along.
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Positive and authentic leadership is about discovering the best self. According to Adriaan Groenewald - Leadership Activist, the more self-aware we are, the better we lead. The key is to connect with people’s deepest motives and use seamless leadership to guide them along. Having the ability to unite everyone around the impossible goal is at the heart of seamless leadership. 

Hear from Adriaan about:

  1. The Law of Movement and leadership.
  2. Traits of seamless leaders.
  3. How to discover the best self.
  4. How to recognize people’s deepest motives.

About the Author

Biana Kovic, MS, BA is the Executive Director, NY of the Artistic Dreams International Inc., the Executive Director of the National Association of Women Artists, NLP coach, and the producer/host of the Leadership with Biana Kovic Show.

Biana holds MS in Educational Psychology and Methodology from University at Albany, SUNY; BA in Music from the University of Musical Arts in Belgrade, Serbia; and a Master Certificate in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).