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Personal Branding at Work

Communicate Your Value for Meaningful Career Connections

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Learn to develop and use your personal brand at work. Discover your brand values and create messaging that will enable you to connect with people who can help with your professional growth.
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Personal Branding at Work is a book for mid-career employees seeking professional growth and opportunities for advancement. Learn what personal branding means, how it connects to your organization's brand, and steps you can take to make a better impression at work. By developing your personal brand, you will learn to communicate your value effectively to people you want to work with. Personal branding is a powerful tool for self-advocacy. Use the skills learned in this book to identify career growth opportunities and to find allies with shared values who can help with your professional goals.

About the Author

Ari M. Weinstein has been coaching working professionals for over 20 years. He has hired and developed award-winning staff in technology, finance, and operations where he has held leadership roles.In 2017, Ari was awarded recognition from the City of New York for his work as a volunteer career mentor.Today, Ari is an independent branding and business development coach. He specializes in personal branding for career professionals and executives. Ari teaches clients how to develop clear brand messaging about themselves and their goals, enabling them to achieve professional growth and success.

  • About the author
  • Introduction
  • Acknowledgements
  1. Why Personal Branding Matters Now
    1. The changing world of work
    2. The messages we’re hearing
    3. Turning a threat into an opportunity
    4. Exercise: Imagine you are a brand
  2. A Definition of Branding that Works for Everyone
    1. How most of us experience branding
    2. What big brands do for personal branding
    3. A better definition of branding
    4. Exercise: Brand recognition
  3. Discover the Brand You Already Have
    1. Brand or be branded
    2. What defines your brand?
    3. Discovering more about yourself
    4. Discovery exercise: Learn about yourself from others
  4. Build Your Brand Identity
    1. What makes you different
    2. Value and the results your deliver
    3. How you show up: Visual and verbal brand components
    4. Brand identity construction exercise: Compiling elements of your brand identity
  5. Your Brand Values, Purpose, and Story
    1. Discover your brand values
    2. Purpose, vision, and mission
    3. How a story can demonstrate your values
    4. Summary and exercise: Write a story that reflects your purpose
  6. Connect Your Brand to Your Audience
    1. Why values matter
    2. The search for common ground starts with your values
    3. Techniques for discovering what others value
    4. Values exercise: Map your values to those of a target audience
  7. Personal brand messaging
    1. Going from branding to marketing
    2. Crafting brand messages
    3. The PAR technique
    4. PAR exercise: Tell your PAR story in 30 seconds or less
  8. Put Your Personal Brand to Work
    1. Suggested next steps
    2. Where to apply your personal brand
    3. Where to learn more
    4. That’s a wrap… for now
    5. A final exercise: Revisit your brand periodically
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About the Author

Ari M. Weinstein