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Overcoming Obstacles

19m 21s
Language:  English
We are always faced with obstacles and challenges in life. But we choose how we react! How can you use mindset to overcome these obstacles?
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We are always faced with obstacles and challenges in life. But we choose how we react! It is critical therefore, that we take control of our mindset to be in charge of our life, to be happy and to be successful. 

About the Author

Nat Schooler is a Futuristic Podcast Host, International Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur & Trusted Advisor. Nat has been recognized as an expert in his field with 250+ Interviews and collaborations with Michael Tobin OBE, Kim-Adele Platts, Stanley Tucci and other luminaries.

He has been recognized by LinkedIn as one of its Power Profile Award winners and is the author of "Podcast Recipe" which was awarded #1 on Amazon's Hot New Releases list. Nat’s clients have included IBM, Google, Microsoft, Oracle and Brother Printers.

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